work - called in sick, what do you think?

Hi ladies - your advice would be great please!

I called in sick on Friday as I was feeling sick and exhausted, plus getting twinges and was stressed about the day... it was our work xmas party that evening and I couldn't have felt less up for it. Also, they'd been dragging out the appraisal process for weeks - finally giving me my feedback on Thursday, saying I was doing a good job but was coming across as stressed. I realise I've been hormonal since coming off the Pill and since I've have the BFP I just have found it hard to concentrate at work.

Now I feel bad that I called in sick on Friday - I said I'd been sick in the night - but I know I did the right thing for myself and pregnancy. I just don't know whether or not to come clean to my boss, who probably thinks I skived after my appraisal feedback.

At the end of the day, I will not be going back to this job after the baby's born - we're moving away and anyway I couldn't do this job and parent as I hope to. However, I'd like to have good relations with work until I go on maternity. I am not expecting them to be very maternity-friendly but would it help if I'm up-front with them?

I'm a PA and 6+4. Got an early scan next Saturday and would prefer to wait until that before telling anyone. I'm feeling much better after taking it easy for a couple of days!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


  • Hi, Personally I would wait until you tell them. I wouldn't worry about phoning in sick evreyone gets ill esspecially at this time of year. I used to feel bad to when I was off work ill but I think its important you look after yourself. Also I'm sure when you do tell your boss your pg that things will become clear to them. Hope I have been of some help X
  • If I was you I would keep it quiet for now. Its not as if you phoned in sick then went to the Xmas party! As already stated - there are sooo many bugs going round this time of year am sure they will think nothing of it. Dont panic and enjoy chilling!!! Love Lee
  • Cheers Lee & Applejack! It's just the next 5 days to get through and the the scan! Don't mind telling them in the new year if I'm feeling poorly then
  • What a great early Xmas prezzie - seeing lo for 1st time! Have got midwife appt on Xmas eve and will be 1st time have heard baby! You enjoy mate, its you and baby thats important and like you say - only 5 days!!!!
  • MW suggested 24th for my 1st appt but we'll be away! So excited about the scan though. Rescheduled mw to 29th... it's all happening so fastimage
    Brilliant to hear the babe on xmas eve - hope it's a nice loud hb!! xx
  • Hey Weeza,

    I wouldnt worry Honey! Everyone gets ill around this time of year!

    Im guessing you have had your scan now? How did it go?

    Just to let you know, I worked in Recruitment and know that the minute u announce your pregnant there is nothing they can do! Even if your work quality goes right down, they cannot even discipline you as you are protected by every law as women were gettin penelised for being pregnant and now it has all had to change! So dont worry, I would let them know as soon as!! Also your work needs to do a risk assessment for you!
    Hope this helps!!

  • Thanks for this - it's reassuring to know! The scan's next weekend and I'm not working on 24th so I just have to get through Mon-Fri and then we're on the xmas break.

    I'm desk-based so no major issues yet, although I intend to ask for a quietroom to relax in private at lunchtimes - there are meeting rooms usually available - do you think that sounds reasonable?

    Thanks zozo! xx

    Cheers xx
  • I agree with the others, don't mention it yet. I know this sounds bad but they'll probably penalise you more (well...they can't do anything official but shifty looks, tuts etc) for taking time of for pregnancy-related illness than they would for a cough or cold. Just that kind of 'oh it happens to loads of women, you should get on with it' (anyone who says that has obviously neva been pregnant!)

    Good luck
    20+6 x x x x
  • I was really ill during the first trimester, which is very unlike me. I told my boss very early on but only because I knew she would be understanding. You have no obligation to tell until the first trimester is over and it's right what they say, you could sit on your backside and sing sweet nothings for the
    next few months and there is very little your employer can do. Although I don't think we should encourage this(!) there are lots of bugs going around and it's easy to play iller than you are. Don't worry about it, there is very little they can do, even if they wanted to!! Hope you feel better soon. xx
  • hi i was also very ill for nearly 5 months and at first i struggled with work (im a nurse) but eventually it got too much and i ended up havin 2 weeks off to get over the worst of the sickness. my bosses and colleagues knew i was preg and they were great about it esp as i never have time off sick. however one male colleague did say that his wife was never ill and carried on working (also a nurse) and i shouldnt get preg if i cant work! he said it jokingly but at the time i as furious (hormones) esp as he is ALWAYS off ill with various ailments (like his dog being ill etc) and ALWAYS late! men!
    i would def have time off next time too if i was ill as last time so dont worry esp as your bosses dont know xxx
  • in my opinion nothing else matters when your pregnant other than the health of u and bub.
    i had 2 weeks off work with pregnancy related probs, i spoke to my boss before having time off and she wouldn't put me on lighter duties so from there on i put myself and bub first and didn't feel guilty at all.
    i ended up putting in a complaint about my manager to my boss-which is his wife! lol and he couldn't apologise enough-considering i had a mc afew months earlier she really should have been more supportive- up until i got preg i thought they were the best bosses in the world-you may find a few peoples attitudes may change when you announce your happy news!!!! good luck
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