scan 2moro - SOOOOO SCARED!!!

Im having my scan in the morning and I'm terrified!!! Im only about 10ish weeks but having one slightly earlier due to paranoia coz of past mc's. Im just so scared it's gonna be bad news. I've had no bleeding or painful cramping but I've had twinges, niggles and back pain. Don't think i'll sleep tonight.
I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow evening. xx


  • good luck hun, i'm sure you'll be fine and you'll get to see your little baby!

  • Good luck honey. Try to relax. i'm sure everything will be fine. Thinkin of u xx
  • I'm sure everything will be fine! Just think soon you will get to see your lovely little bubs. best of luck xxx

  • I had very bad belly ache and the cramps were awful and I was dreading my 14 week scan (it seemed like ages away!). I really thought the worst but it was all fine. I just happened to be one of the unlucky people who got really bad stomach pains for the first few months for some reason.
    Hope it goes well. Getting that little picture to bring home is such a special thing! I still look at mine now...

  • You'll be fine hun. With both this pregnancy and last I was convinced that I wasn't really pregnant and was really suprised to see the baby bouncing around quite happily. I had loads of twinges and niggles as well and some spotting both times. It's normal to worry.
  • I'm sure everything will be okay, and you'll be so so happy when you see your tiny baby on the screen! Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • good luck
    I'm sure it will be fine.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Em x
  • Im sure everythings fine hun, just try to relax-I know thats hard, I was so worried at my first scan and I still worry now that things arent right.
    Ive never been one to bother docs unless really necessary but Ive been ringing them loads since I got pregnant...Im not proud of that, but at least it puts my mind at rest.
    Enjoy your scan hun xxxxxxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Try not to worry too much hun, i'm sure everything will be fine.... you try and get some sleep. I'll look forward to seeing your post 2moro saying everything is fine. Thinking of you.
    Katie. X
  • Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow, I'm sure everything will be fine.
  • good luck - am sure it will all be ok and you can relax tomorrow
    keep us updated xxxxx
  • Thinking of u I was exactly the same just look 4ward 2 seeing your wonderful baby xxxxx
  • Hope it went well this morning honey. I look forward to hearing all about it later xxxx

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