I am new and this is my first post! I was just wandering if there is any were to talk about surrogacy. I can not have a baby of my own and my surrogate mother is 4 weeks pregnant. I do not know how to feel, obviously excited. Just wondered if there is a part were i should chat. Feel a bit lost at the moment!!

Any advice much appreciated. xx


  • Congratulations on your baby! It would be great for you to be able to chat to someone in the same position. There is a forum titled "Support", where people can post on whatever topic they need help with, so I'd say that'd be your best bet xxx
  • hi,

    thanks for your advice. it would be nice to chat to someone in the same position. just got to find them! xx
  • hi,

    thanks for that. i have just put a post in website suggestions. i can not believe she is pregnant, seems so unreal. but only 4 weeks, so fingers crossed everything works out!! can not believe how lucky i feel. :\) xx
  • hi,

    i think we worked it out to be the 1st of june. my birthday is the 4th of june, so close! i am also getting married on the 7th of may!! everything is happening at once! quite scary. xx
  • oh that sounds very exciting! a huge congratulations, you must be over the moon! image
    i think a surrogacy forum would be a good idea, as there have been a few posts in here and baby forum lately about people who were thinking of becoming a surrogate.

    hope everything goes well and like SB has said, your more than welcome to stick around here and ask any questions you have xx
  • hi,

    i will definitely stick around, you all seem so nice. i also want to try and get a forum going too. that might be a bit of a challenge!! xxx
  • i left a comment on your post asking for the forum, so hopefully others will do so and web ed will make the forum xx
  • Hi, I've left a comment too- good luck! :\) xx

  • thanks everyone. xx :\)
  • There is a mum's due june 2009 so feel free to join us image

  • hi,

    thanks it will be a fab year. but also quite a scary one!! we never planned the 2 events to be so close, the surrogacy worked quicker than expected!

    hope you have a fab year to. xx :\)
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