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christmas party dress ideas

Morning everyone.

I wondered if anyone has seen any nice but not too expensive maternity party dresses? Ideally on the high street instead of mail order? I've got my work christmas party in two weeks and can't find aything to wear!! Thanks xx


  • I went to topshop the other day hoping to find something, they do have some nice dresses, depends on how much you want to spend really. I felt rather elephantine in them though, and i am only 23weeks. also Debenhams maternity dept has some pretty things. do you have to have a dress? i am going for trousers and a sparkly top, can dress it up with pretty shoes and accessories.
  • Hi - I found one for my xmas party in Dorothy Perkins. It was ??35 quid which is a lot less than I'd normally spend and is black and lacy and like lots of non maternity dresses that are in fashion this year.
  • I'd quite like a dress as I've got a few things over chrtistmas and i think it's the the most versitile option. The other reason is that my actual work do is 80's themed so as I have no intention of going entirely fancy dress I was hoping to get some fish net or footless tights to show willing which obviously means I need ot get my legs out!!!
  • DPs is a good idea. I've not look there yet. Problem is i work in Leeds city centre where you'd think the stores would all stock their full range but neither Next, M&S or George stock their maternity wear here which isn't too helpful. The Dorothy P's is a bit small too but I'll wander down at lunchtime to see what they have!! I just keep finding myself looking longingly at the ogrgeous dresses in Coast & the like that I can't fit into!!!
  • Hi Feebs,

    Ah another Coast Fan x I looked at my dress from Coast for last years party season and almost cried remembering how slim I was then!!!!

    I've never been one to shop in New Look (at least not since I was a student) but they have some lovely reasonable priced maternity wear which has helped me a lot (and I didn't know they did maternity). Like you our next doesn't stock maternity clothes nor does our Tescos!

    Good luck image
  • I found some nice wrap dresses and tops out of new looks and they have some nice sparkly shoes and accesories to go image which i find handy as im used to wearing loads of sparkle at xmas but not this year image but there is some nice stuffin new look if you want to venture in image

  • Ive got a couple of nice dresses from the high street recently. One from Debenhams which looks a bit like black lace with pink underneath. The other was from H&M and is just plain black but very floaty like chiffon. remember that you can always look at non-maternity dresses. But it depends how big you've grown. I especially love the babydoll dresses cos they're intentionally loose at the front.
  • While were on the subject of partys and xmas, has ne 1 found ne nice looking but comfortable shoes to wear 2 go with a nice outfit? I will be 32 weeeks at xmas and all of my current party shoes are too high/inpractical for me at the best of times, let alone being pregnant. I'm begining to loose my balance now even with no shoes on! lol! Does such a pair of shoes exist? x
  • seen some very nice sparkly shoes. they're a bit like the ruby slippers in wizard of oz! All sorts of colours. seen them in Debenhams, Faith and lots of other places. Failing that, try some wedges cos ive found they help me keep my balance a bit better than heels.
  • hi all,
    not sure if this is any help i have seen some nice dresses in a shop called yours, not maternity just bigger sizes up to somthing like a 32! quite cheap around ??40.oo and very pretty if you are ok with it not being maternity, oh and bon marche also have some very similer.

    hope this helps

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