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Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Im having a very hard day. Only 36days till baby due and my Granny died this morning, We have been expecting it she was diagnosed with Bowel cancer 3 weeks ago and went down hill rapidly. I got a call from my dad at 6am to say she had passed away very peacefully with all her children round her. She has been unconscious for a few days. She was at my mums. I know i was expecting it but had hoped she would still be here for the birth of my daughter who we are naming after her. I am finding it so difficult because they are all in Ireland and I am in Wales. The funeral will be in England which should make it easier for me to travel too. I cant concentrate on annything.


  • Really sorry to hear about your Gran, Aideen.
  • I'm so sorry to hear your news. It's a very difficult time to go through. My thoughts are with you. I'm sure she is very proud of you and will be around for the birth of your baby from where ever she may be. Many people speak of feeling the presence of lost loved one in such times. But she certainly wouldn't want to add to your worries or want you to feel sad and miss her. She would want you to remember all the good times and memories you have that will stay with you forever. I'm sure she's also very pleased that you are naming your daughter after her, it's a lovely idea. Again my thoughts are with you and remember she wouldn't want you to feel sad. ;\)

    Much Love
  • Really sorry to hear your sad news. Your gran wouldn't miss the birth of your little one for anything - especially as she's going to be carrying her name!

    Lots of love to you - sending you strength and peace.

  • Awwww hun I'm so sorry to hear your loss. At least your granny is at peace now and naming your baby after her will be an honour to her memory.
  • I'm so sorry to hear this Aideen
    It's so nice her memory will live on in your daughter and i'm sure she'll be with you all the way once she is being born.

    I don't have any advice I'm sorry and you probably feel at a loss with not being able to be there but she will know why and would understand and want you to keep your stength up for the baby.
    Take care
    Em x
  • im so sorry for ur loss,
    my grandad passed away 1 month b4 i fell pregnant and today i have been told that im going to be induced on his birthday this world works in mysterious ways
    vicky xxx
  • thanks for all your messages of support. I have been to the hospital today to see consultant and she told me I will be having my cesarian on 20th may when I am 37 weeks so at least that has given us a definate date to look forward to.
  • Not long to wait to wait to meet your little girl now then Aideen, something to keep your mind occupied with.
    Take care
    Em x
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