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Diarrhea in early pg?

Hi ladies, im about 5 weeks pregnant and for the last week ive been really suffering with diarrhea. Its starting to get me down now cause if i go out and theres no toilets, im screwed! I get cramps when I need to go too and and have been going anythingthing between 5-10 times a day. I feel food is going straight through me and yesterday didnt eat much at all, and didnt have much diarrhea so felt it was easing off, but today ive had some toast for breakfast and its gone through me!! (sorry tmi) its 9 o'clock and ive been 3 times since 5:30!!!

Is this normal? What should I do?

Thanks ladies
Lea xx


  • Hi hun, Im not sure if its normal as im only 5+4 with my first but i think with any diaorrhea that lasts that long you should check with a dr especially if you cant keep anything in- you may get dehydrated. Im sure its nothing to worry about and just your body adapting to new hormones x
  • I had diarrhoea through the first trimester which really freaked me out as usually I have IBS with constipation, plus I kept reading you were meant to be constipated in pregnancy lol it was fine, and no ill effect to baby, now I'm back to being constipated - it probably passed about 10 weeks ish - Kaiti B is right though if it's that bad you should maybe ring your GP quickly tomorrow and take advice but pretty sure they'll tell you the main thing rather than food at present is water, dehydration in pregnancy is not good. They might advise you about salts or something to take for example or if it carries on check you don't have a wee bug
    T 37+3
  • Hey I am 25 weeks pregnant now and was the same in the early days! Although, yours does sound slightly worse than mine was. I would give your GP a ring just for your own reassurance more than anything!!
  • I'm also 25 weeks pregnant and had this problem in the early days. I worked out that there were certain foods that would cause it more than others - Chinese food went straight through me and anything that was quite rich did the same. It stopped around 10 weeks I think. Make sure you drink lots to keep your fluids up and try to stick to quite plain, non greasy and not rich foods. xx
  • I'm 9 wks into 3rd pregnancy and had this almost from I got my bfp- maybe not quite as bad but definitely going a few times a day. I was worried too as I had opposite problem last 2 times but it is quite normal and to be honest, a lot less uncomfortable than being constipated... but agree you should see if need to take some mineral replacements
    Congratulations on bfp x
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