hi i had midwife today and told her about pain in bottom of stomach, she told me to show her exactly where it was and she said it was my pelvis..she explained that becasue hormone relaxes stuff, the two bits at front of pelvis rub together, so ive to keep legs together when getting out bed, car or whatever, and not go up/down stairs more than necessary. also to try sex positions where i dont need to open my legs, so that will be an adventure!

she then said if that didnt help i to get physio.

i said i felt like baby was too low down and she said it was normal for me to still feel it moving at that part at this stage..altho she didnt feel my stomach, she saw it when she was listening to heartbeat.(she also wrote in my notes that i was 22cm altho she didnt actually measure me)..so maybe she can just tell by looking that its normal size?(im 22 weeks)

she also said she been midwife for 30yrs so i trust her judgement.(or maybe it was 13 cause she wasnt that old now i think of it, but thats still a long time).

so just thought id let you know how i got on, hope you are doing well x



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  • Hiya lauragcam,

    Thanks for letting me know what happened with your midwife!! Told you you had nothing to worry about!

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    Anyways, thats more or less what mine told me. I had it with my first pregnancy, but it was towards the end at 36 weeks. I now have to put up with it from 18 weeks! I had a hard night last night - the pelvis has started to 'click' now and that hurts! I think i'm going to need physio soon.

    The spoons position is a good one for sex. He lyes behind you so your legs will be closed - it's also good for pregnancy as the bump won't get in the way.
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