Did i have a show, or was it just discharge? (sorry if tmi)

Morning ladies...
Hope all ladies and bumps and babies are well. I'm currently 21 weeks with baby no 2, and i've just passed what i think is a show.... a big ball of clearish mucus, quite snot like (sorry if tmi)... when i had a show at 41 weeks with my daughter it was blood stained, this is very similar just without any blood. I'm starting to worry.... but then i think maybe it's just discharge, but i've never had anything like this before. Has any one else? I dont really want to ring midwife if it's nothing to worry about as she will say to come into centre which is quite far away, and i dont drive and my 8mnth old daughter is teething and very irritable at the mo, and my oh is at work.
Any advice would be gratefully received...


  • hiya image from my experience with lo whose now 5 months. my show was very clear and snot like to begin with and then as labour progressed it had some blood in it. if i were you id get it checked, your midwife wont mind, thats what they are their for! hope everything is ok xx
  • I've just spoken to my Midwife, and i'm going in at 15.30 to get checked out. Fingers crossed will be nothing to worry about, but i'm really starting to panic as hving period type pains, all i can think is if my little boy is born now he wont survive.....
    Wish me luck. x
  • 21 weeks might be too early to give steroid injections though, they wouldn't give my SIL any and she was 22 weeks when she had her little boy. They said it was a waiting game and if the labour stopped then so be it.

    Good luck erinsmummy, sure it's nothing to worry about.... it might be an infection? xxx
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