First Time mum Blues

Morning all, I'm new onto this site. i could use any advice you wish to give.

I'm Lisa I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and i cant believe how crap i feel all the time I'm constantly tired drink water like a fish, and i'm not hungery at all. its worring my BF as i usually love my food but i've gone right off it. milk makes me throw up (in fact most things i used to love are doing that)

My issue is really with work, My boss has been good and gone through all my options but as i work in recuitment its early starts and really late finishes, i'm worried i wont be able to make my targets as i make a nice commision on my billings per month (they would be a great help with the baby due) i got so upset about it last week i burst into tears at my desk and had to go home.

It didn't help that last weekend i was having a stabbing pain in my stomach so my BF rushed me into A&E and we where kept waiting for 8 hours befor they would do my scan to check that the baby is okay i've never been so worried in all my it turns out i've got a kidney stone so i'm off work due to the pain but i feel like i'm letting work down.

I juat cant believe hoe the time that meant to be one of the happiest in my life is getting me so down so early on. :cry:


  • Hi hun
    Don't be so hard on yourself, pregnancy is a hard thing to do - you are growing a whole baby - every single last bit! It's very hard going!
    The crapness will pass but currently you are awash with hormones and everything is working to keep your little bean safe and sound so you are unceremoniously shifted in to 2nd place!
    Eventually you will start to feel better but it won't help if you are beating yourself up about work. I speak from experience because I was the same, and things only perked up when I realised that work had to come second for a while while I was suffering and then I worked twice as hard when I started feeling better just to make up for it.
    On the practical side, you can't be penalised for being pregnant and therefore your targets need to be adjusted to compensate for any time off you have to have - I would speak to your boss about how this could work.

    You are only very newly pregnant and regardless of how wanted or how long you've been trying it's always a shock to realise you are carrying a new little life so your moods being up and down is just an adjustment. I guarantee that while you feel down at the moment you will be elated, scared, upset, worried all at the same time throughout your pregnancy! It's certainly a rollercoaster!
    Congratulations by the way!
  • Hi Lisa
    I agree with Trackieann, I've been through so many emotions...yesterday was my worst so far, just wanted to cry & cry over stupid little things!!! This is also my first and am 22wks, so only half way through it!
    This site has been very very helpful for me to see that i'm not alone, so'll be hooked soon!!
    I've had kidney stones, so do know how painful they are. Was the doc able to give you anything?
    Take care
    Sarah xx
  • Hi Lisa
    Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling great, don't worry it will get better! I also went right off my food in the early weeks but I'm back to enjoying what I eat and the sickness has more or less gone (I'm 15 weeks now). And as for your work, Trackieann is right- try not to let it get to you. I was having a really stressful time at work when I first got pregnant and eventually I just had to accept that their would be days when it was an achievement just to get to the end of the day! And after a while, you will get back to your normal self and hopefully be hitting those targets.
    I really do hope things get easier for you soon.
  • hugs hun. this is going to sound horrible, when i found out i was pg i honestly didnt know how to feel, i was over the moon one minute and then wondering whether or not to keep the baby. (i couldnt ever actually do that... but just felt it IYSWIM).
    As for work, i know how you feel in terms of the early starts and late finishes. I started early, never got my lunch, never actually sat down and ended up leaving late. Would you be able to work from home?
    You will be able to come up with something, and your boss sounds really nice to have gone through everything at this stage.

    Dont let work take advantage of you, at the end of the day you and baby are all that matters... work will have to rearrange itself around you! x
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