Please can any teachers help me with this-pleeeeease?

Hi ladies, i'm due on August 7th, the school term finishes on 17th July. I plan on working right till the end (17th July) so i'm just wondering when my maternity pay will start. I'm totally confused-please help.
Will it be from the 17th July?- Which will be rubbish because I would have had 6 weeks full pay anyway and its my holiday!? OR will it be from my due date (7th August)? OR if i go overdue and don't give birth till say the 20th August will it start then?Soooo confused. The headteacher seems to know less than me.
Thanks in advance
Jen x
19 weeks today


  • You can start it from august 7th. i am due during easter hols and am starting it on my due date x
  • You can put in from 7th August and if baby comes early it'll automatically start from then. You should also get days in lue for holidays you miss while on mat leave D 33 +4 x
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