Q for mums with more than 1 child

Hi just a quick question for mums with more than 1 baby?

I'm due to have my second child in 14 weeks and have been told that your babys usually follow suit in if they are born early or late? My son was early so just wondered if your children came at around the same time? Thanks x


  • i had 1 ten days late and one on my due date xxx
  • My first was 5 days late and my second was 11 days late! x
  • ive only had 1 child she was 2wks l8 i was induced image i was told this baby might be early or on time hes been engaged for bout 3/4weeks now had loads of pains but nothing yet.
    abbie bluebump 38+6
  • hiya
    my 1st was induced 2 weeks late, my 2nd was induced 1 week early, my 3rd was induced 2 weeks late and i went into labour 5 days late with my 4th!!!!
    vikki xx
  • Both of mine were exactly 10 days early
  • Hi, yes both of mine were 9 days early - asked the midwife if my 3rd due in Jul would be the same and she said it was just a fluke - but I think she'll come early - they say I'm 2 weeks too big too??
  • Ds1 was 17 days`early, ds2 was 6 days early and dd was bang on time! So although none were late, they got later each time!
    Good luck! x
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