Credit where its due!

I just wanted to say how much respect I have for people who are pregnant with their second or third or more pregnancy cos I dont know how I would be looking after children I already had at this stage in my pregnancy and also those mums to be that are still at work!! I spend most of the day on the sofa, am so tired all the time and back is starting to give me more and more bother so cant imagine how I would be lifting a toddler or having the energy to entertain them, but I guess you just get on with it! Someone did point out tho that I should be spending all the time I can relaxing because I'll never get to do it with future pregnancies so am trying to make the most of these last few weeks with hubby and catching up with friends etc :\) but I cant wait to be a mum!! Hope everyone is well xx
Jess 34 weeks tommorrow


  • I thought the same thing with my first pregnancy, but i suppose you just adjust! with my second i worked up until the week before i gave birth and had a 22 month old at home. I thought it was going to alot harder than it was although i did have my days lol i think you would cope alot better than you'd expect x
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