question about sex positions!

we have only just started having sex again! ( am 18 weeks 2morrow) i was just too paranoid in the beginning stupid i know! when i am 'on top' it is fine but the other night he was on top and it really hurt! i have never had this problem before anyone know why it hurts this way?? xx


  • no he wasn't anywhere near my bump. was kinda my legs in air type thing!!!
  • Wohoooo sex talk image

    Was the pain inside? I have found that since being preggo everything is a lot tighter down there (not good since I found out today I'm going to be giving birth to a full grown adult) and sometimes when dh penetrates (very big willy lol) it feels like he is stabbing my insides and it makes me jump. Is it similar to that?

    If dh is on top I feel really weighed down and it makes my belly ache and back hurt.

  • wots sex??!!hehe i've given up now!

  • it is inside yeh i can't describe the pain. but when i am on top i can stop him going to deep so it doesn't hurt! but b4 that was my fav position! now i can't do it image xx
  • on my knees is the only way it works for us with out feeling uncomfortable or have the threat of cramp setting in!
  • Does dh know it hurting? perhaps if you tell him he can only penetrate to a certain extent then you can still enjoy that position image

  • oh i cramp up afterwards!! my legs kill and my back i sometimes feel like an old woman haha. sorry for image zoe lol! xx
  • He might be hitting the top of you or entering at a funny angle perhaps try figeting about until it doesn't hurt. Maybe tilt your bum back (almost like arching your back) therefore not letting him enter you to deeply but still being able to use that position, that can also give more clitoral sitmulation as you will be skin to skin.

    Listen to me ha ha! I sound like I spend to much time having sex lol (I don't)

  • lol had to post all this sex talk!! ive given upnow lol chels 30+2
  • hello,

    this is a topic i can answer to. I've been fortunate to get sex since we found out i was pregnant,

    We have had to change poisitions. Im not good with names, but princessjane the position yopu sound like you are describing used to be one of the favourites. I think the slight pain is caused where they penetrate too hard. Whenb hubby penetrated harder/faster (sry tmi) i found it hurt and just mentioned to him to be a bit more gentle. I also used to change position of my bum!

    Our faourite position now is like spooning with a slight twist to it. Was going to describe it they decided it still probably wouldnt make sense!. Spooining is meant to be good as it allows for a shallower penetration. also means, bump doesnt get in the way.

    try and experiment with different positions. We now have a favoutire pregnancy position and a favourite non pregnancy position lol! xxx
  • I seem to have lost 'sensation' since hitting about 18 weeks! It's very weird! Anyway it hasn't 'hurt' me but last time we had sex I did bleed a little and now hubby is paranoid about it. I found me on top was easier. Sorry if it's tmi!
  • I find on top really odd because I'm so self conscious and feel like I'm squishing dh.

    Sounds really stupid but I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do while I'm up there as refused to go ontop with previous bf but with hubby I thought I would try but had no idea what to do. So have started to refuse to do it simply through lack of knowledge as to what my role it :S

  • jellyfishpink - lol I am a horse riding instructor so surely if I can ride them I can ride my husband lmao.
  • I have a very weird image in my head now!!!
  • Hi ladies, some of the coments did make me giggle! The only way I have found comfortable is either on my knees or me on top but facing the other way. Have found this the best position as I don;t feel like I am squashing my oh with my bump. Plus I have found this way that if he keeps his legs on the outside he can wrap them around my legs which stops me from feeling like I am going to topple forward. (Sorry if tmi.) We have had some fun finding which works best, but like most I have found that deep penertration hurts.
    tammi xxx

  • sounds like plenty of u lucky ladies are still getting some! My hubby hasn't been near me in weeks!!! Think i have forgotten what to do...
  • lmao - my hubby has gone off sex a bit but only because he is so tired as I keep him up most of the night complaining that my hips hurts and that he is snoring.

    Tamarabell - that position sounds highly confusing and I just can imagine if me and dh tried it he would be looking at my bum crack thinking "my god who's idea was this" lol plus I would probably laugh as his toes curl when he is "enjoying" himself lmao, so think that one is out of the window for me.

  • He Caz, sorry if I made it sound confusing basically just u on top but facing away then get him to wrap his legs round your legs - Your sorting of kneeling. I find that this helps me stay up right. As my oh says I am like a weable (sp) at the moment as I wobble but don't fall over, lol. Tammi xxx

  • I've almost given up as well! Then again I am 35 weeks so think I've done pretty well. We have tried loads of positions and me on top seems like the best in pregnancy but it can give you cramps and I can't be bothered to do all the work lol. Doggy-style is quite comfortable as well. But generally I've gone off sex a bit...You lot are right, it is a LOT more painful than it used to be. I read it is because you 'swell' up down there. God knows why as we have to push babies out soon, lol!! It's very annoying being too tight. Then again I will be wishing for it back once I've had the baby! xxxxx

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