Hello im 7 weeks pregnant and up until yesterday I have been feeling queasy 24/7. Yesterday i started with vomiting and today im really struggling to keep food down. I cant drink anything but water. I can only manage quite plain food like crackers but if i start walking about i end up being sick. I dont mind it when im at home cos i can cope with it but work is awful. I work an hour away and i feel so sick in the car, also im sat really far from the toilets which is awful cos im always in there and its obvious i am. If people are drinking coffee or eating something smelly that sets me off again.

Has anyone got any advice?


  • awww hope u feel better soon. i only ever feel ill when i travel in the car and this is mainly when i haven't eaten! i went to a restaurant yesterday and got there and could hardly walk i felt so ill and went dizzy again i really thought i was going to faint again! but after i ate something i was fine! i find soup really easy to eat. they always say ginger biscuits. is it possible for u to move where u sit at work? maybe sit nearer the toilets? i know u prob don't want to tell anybody at ur work yet though. not sure what else to suggest i haven't had any real sickness so i'm not much help i'm affraid! xxx
  • You can get travel sickness bands to wear round your wrists from the Pharmasists (sp) they really helped me. Also if you go to Holand and Barrat and get some ginger to eat that is also supposed to help, but don't drink ginger ale or eat ginger biscuits as there is hardly any ginger in these and they will make you more sick. I also was reccommended drinking a glass of freezing cold milk first thing in the morning as it lines your stomach this stopped my vomiting completely.

    Hope you feel better soon hun. It will all be worth it image

  • oh honey..... i really share your pain, i had this was puking at my worst five six times a day and walking around really did not help, I know its hard to do but staying of work and listening to my body was really the only way i stayed sane!

    the travel sickness bands helped for me as did biscuits containing real ginger.

    Milk in the mornings made it worse for me and i worked out by painful trial and error what i could and couldn't eat (and for a while the list just seemed to get smaller and smaller) - things fried, or greasy were awful and bananas and onions were a disaster!

    also eating a little bit at least every two hours did help.

    You are just in the worst bit and i promise it does get better (i'm 15+6 now)

    I worried loads about what effect it was having on the baby and mine seems fine i did make sure i had my vitamin just before i went to sleep at night as this is when it stayed down best!!! also have lots of fluids and see your doc if you feel you need to!!

    hang in there!! and good luck!!
  • I have tried travel sickness bands before for travel sickness but they didnt work for that so would it make a difference now? I have tried eating ginger biscuits and they made me more sick now i know why!! What does ginger from holland and barrett taste like? I will try the milk but im always a bit funny with milk cos someone once said it curdles in your stomach and i have never been able to get that image out of my head whenever i drink it!

    Has anyone been to the doctors about it? Im worried they will just think im being pathetic for not getting on with it. If i didnt work i could quite easily get on with it but i cant stop the office from drinking coffee or eaating smelly food.
  • oh i know... i felt the same. Go see the doc they can give you meds but sometimes they prefer to wait til later in the preg when the baby is further developed.

    milk definately made me feel worse!

    and oh god the smelly food and office thing - i had to go on the bus and it was hell! sorry that probably doesn't help you!!

    the bands didn't stop me being sick they just helped me feel less sick but sadly i think it is just finding what works for you.

    you aren't pathetic though - this is one of the much less fun but normal bits of pregnancy!!
  • So far so good for me, no sickness. However everyone told me that if you set your alarm about 30mins early in the morn, eat something you can keep down (try the milk or ginger tablets) and then go back to sleep for 30 mins you stand a much better chance of not continuing to be sick throughout the day. It worked wonders for my best friend. Good luck, S x
  • i have had 24/7 sickness now for 4 weeks!! It really gets you down, i have tried all the above methods but nothing worked. I got pills from the doc but they didn't really work and then i had spotting so stopped taking them all together just incase.

    Currently i am eating little and often, toast and chocolate seem to help. Try drinking lemonade and in between meals chew spearmint chewing gum. Chewing gum has really helped and since i started last week i haven't been sick (was vomiting 6 or 7 times a day before). So give it ago.

    Hope it helps!


  • Ohhhh yeah I got dh to make me a piece of dry toast to eat before I got out of bed and that always helped.

  • I think i will give the chewing gum a go. I cant do the getting up 30 mins early thing as i already get up at 530!!!

    I just wish the doctor would say i can stay at home! I think that may be asking too much but i can hope
  • honey, don't ask him - tell him! seriously i just had a uti and had to go in and say what i needed- don't let them dither, you know yourself and what you can and can't do and the most important thing at the moment is you and your baby!!

  • I went to see the doctor and he said just keep drinking sugary drinks, if i can keep them down than thats ok. Got the rest of the week off too. Polo mints seem to be the only things that i can keep down so far. Very nutritious.
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