my husbands mum has seen a psychic i'm going to go!

she has been b4 and everything she told her was right or came true so shes gone again. me and my husband and 2 friends have just set up a company doing replicating and duplicating of cds and dvds for software companies and doing usb stuff. now his mum knows we r starting a new business but doesn't know what! she rang us last night asking what we were doing we told her and she can't believe it the woman had told her that her son was setting up a new business and said it was using a big machine putting discs into it and getting them stamped she was basically explaining what a replication plant looks like! she said that it is going to boom and they r going to make a lot of money from it!! yey i couldn't believe it! how could she know that!! she said she sees a baby girl being born on the 1st sept! i have had 2 due dates 29th and 31st august. but later on she got confused and could also see his mum with a baby boy but her friend is also pregnant a month in front of me. she said that after i have the baby i will have back problems which i didn't like the sound of! she told her so much stuff! about her husband having a illness that hes ignoring ( hes having breathing problems but wont go to the doctor) said it will get serious if he doesn't go. told her that her mum wasn't mobile at the moment ( shes just had a operation and can't get up and about yet!) told her that there was a girl sat next to her that looked like her said it was her daughter ( she had an abortion when she was 16) said the girl is not upset with her but is always there. (she actually told her about this a few years ago when she went the first time) told her a window is going to get smashed in her house but it won't be a break in of any kind. so i want to see if that actually happens! i didn't believe in this stuff but she records everything and i don't see how she could possibly know all this stuff from body language or prompting as his mum said nothing!! i know this woman is VERY good and is very booked up so me and my hubby are going to book to see her just to see what she says!! hope i don't have to wait too long for an appointment! xxxx


  • wow that all sounds fab,very spooky!id like 2 go c somebody,never been before but lost a baby boy over 4 yrs ago and my nan 18mths ago so would be nice to see if she mentioned anything bout them.Where bouts is she??bet its not near me!im in stoke on trent,staffordshire x
  • Ooo intresting... id be a little scared going but would want to know all thes same lol x
  • That sounds really freaky, how could she know all that??? I always thought these people were scams to make money. Not sure I would want to go though as I wouldn't want to know if anything bad was gonna happen, it would only make me
  • i don't think she tells u anything really bad. hollysmum she is in sheffield. i have just tried to book but is answer machine so see when she rings back. my mum wants me to go becos my dad keeps insisting he is going to 'pop off soon' as he puts it she wants to see if she says anything aslo my mum had cancer and wants to see if she mentions that. my nan also died a few years ago. xxx
  • itd b nice if they came thru wudnt it xx
  • i went to one just b4 xmas (2 xmas' ago) he said i would fall pg in 10 months (it happened in 9 months) he also said i would have a girl (true) he also said we would alot of jealousy around us about the baby (very true) basicly everything he said has come true!!!! freaky!!
  • oooo i love all things like this but never had the guts to go!
    does anyone know a good one in wales?
  • 2 years ago I joined a "Ghosty club" (was big most haunted fan) and on bonfire night we were out doing a "ghost hunt" with a couple of mediums! I live 200 miles away from "Home" and only 1 of my mates there knew anything about me!

    Anyway during the night the newest medium came up to me and described loads of stuff and I didnt say a word - in the end she just said "OMG - Im sorry, your mum died didnt she" then gave me a really really personal message! I completely believe that my mum made contact because there was NO WAY this woman could have given me that particular message in the middle of woods 200 miles from Watford!

    I would say - go for it but make sure you give no clues about anything and you will truly know!

    Love Lee
  • My friend at work is into all this and although I am sceptical at times she will often come out with things that she couldn't posisbly know. She asked me if I was having a baby way before we told anyone and I wasn't showing at all, couple of weeks before that she began telling to slow down at work and look after myself etc etc. No one knew as I had not sickness etc etc. We have a man that comes into work with some of our troublesom children at school and this week they both stopped me and told me that when they were at the spiritualist meeting last week it had come throu for my friend about me as she was worried about me and I'm going to have a healtyh baby and not to worry about the blood (I'm rhesus negative and the midwife freaked me out worrying me it was the worst thing ever although I never told them this at work!). This man doesn't know me but he said some stuff that was well weird!

  • I'm a strong believer in mediums, spirits etc etc. I find it fascinating! Personally i haven't seen anyone for ages for a reading, but would defo go if i was recommended someone good
    Sarah xx
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