wots ever1s movement like 31 weeks?

Hey just a lil Q im not worried or anything like that but i feel more shuffleles around etc now rathr than full on kicks, does anyone else get this, i do get odd kicks but more just feel moving around in there, is this due to lack of space in belly now? my friend sed her kicks got stronger and didnt change, but im guessing not evr1 gets this???? 31weeks Xx


  • im 31 weeks too... i had a few quiet days last week, mostly bigger shuffles rather than lil pokes... he had definatly moved somewhr diff than whr he had been 4 a while, as i had 2 pee more, and felt v breathless and uncomfortable... have had more pokes last nite n this morning... so long as u r feeling movemnt, try nt 2 worry... thy turn with thr back 2ward ur tumy, so u will moslty feel bigger movemnts thn pokes as the little feet n hands are facing the other way... 2 ease my worry i got on all fours to shuffle him a little, 2 try move him slightly.... and of course thy r runnin out of space!... xx
  • i get shuffles digs the lot its awfull at night i feel so sick wen she starts she mainly sleeps all day but stretches dureing the day which can be painfull as its like shes pokeing a hole through my belly xx
  • yes i was thinking maybe baby was facing inwards so that cud b why the kicks arnt do bit, i feel alot going up by my ribs, like moving around, and then i also get sudden movement down by bladder so think i need to wee wen i hardly do at all, wonder wots going on in there,lol xxx
  • hello babe!
    Think everyone's different. I get massive earthquakes some days (kicks/punches and then what feels like shifting/turning around) and not much other days, as you know I'm a week or so behind you (now 29+6) x
  • ta ames if im not moaning bout 1 thing im moaning bout someting else,lol. Last week of work this week same for u isnt it image Xx
  • yay!! Finish next Tuesday! Never did get to wave at each other did we, I do look in if I'm going past but never like to really peer in, lol. x
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