Nausea - acupuncture or hypnotherapy - any advice

I suffering really bad at the moment from nausea and i am only 6 weeks. I just cant bear the thought of having it any longer as its so debilitaing. Has anybody had any experience of acupuncture or hypnotherapy to help pregnancy nausea?
Thanks x


  • Hi

    I tried accupuncture when I was at the end of my tether (being sick 10 times a day!) and I found it helped for a couple of days and then I was back to the start. Saying that I only went to my gp surgery (1 needle up the arm job, no candles, no whale music, no relaxing vibes!!) so it might be worth going to a more specialised place? My gp did say it helped most women she'd used it on though.

    Sickness bands helped a wee bit but then started to make my hands go numb and very sore. Best advice is to eat little and often and you'll soon find the foods that agree with you and the ones that don't! Also try and get plenty rest. I was still being sick up to about week 20 and even now if I get really tired I feel the nausea coming back.

  • hi,,

    i suffered with the morning sickness well all day sicknesss from 5 weeks till last week when i was 15 weeks and still feel ill now sometimes, i spent a lot of time in the hos[ital on a drip, as i had hyperemisis, i was given diffrent types of anti sickness meds as i was being sick constantly all day everyday i couldnt walk wash my hair i couldnt do anything i know how you feel, i didnt drive for over 9 weeks, i think you should try anything you can as everyone is diffrent and acupuncture or whatever may work for you, but if it is really bad you should speak to your mw and gp xx

    hope you feel better soon xx

  • Hi Honey-intruding from ttc, but have a 7 month old!
    I had Hyperemesis too that lasted from 3 and a half weeks pg, until an hour after giving birth, and was being sick min 10 times a day. It was appalling, and some days I even wondered if I could carry on with the pregnancy. I Finally, at 32 weeks, they referred me to an acupuncture clinin at my hospital.. The first two sessions were wondefull, but they only gave me about 8 hours respite from the sickness. They also stuck a mustard seed in my ear, on one of the pressure points, and I had to press this when I felt like I was about to be sick. This again only worked for a few hours, but any respite from it is better than nothing! I'd definitely give it a go, even if it only gives you a small break.
    On a positive note, they say that morning sickness is a great sign of a healthy baby!
    I hope you get a break from it, and I know it's hard, but make sure you sip lots of water, even when it's all coming back up-I spent alot of time in hospital because of dehydration xxx
  • thanks for the advice. I have booked an appt at a natural health clinic for some acupuncture tomorrow. I am not expecting miracles but even a little relief will be very much appreciated. I will let you all know how I get on.
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