why is it...?

that last week my sickness seemed to have eased off (1m 14+3), woohoo i thought, but as soon as i have a nice long weekend off work with plenty of things planned to do im as sick as a dog and feeling like crap!!!


  • Awww whats up Funky? Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Hey Mrs T, just morning sickness (well all day for me) playing up again, thought it was easing off but not today. Just feel pants, not really up to doing much. Oh and after the long debate started to take my antibiotics last night as was feeling quite uncomfortable! x Thanks for the reassurance! x
  • I had a couple of times when I thought 'woohoo my sickness has finished' and then it came back again later, sounds like a similar thing to you. Mine did clear up by about 16 weeks though, so hopefully you don't have much longer to go- fingers crossed that you feel better soon!
    Oh, and one thing that I found was that I felt worse at weekends, and I realised it was because I wasn't eating so regularly- at work when I had set breaks I would always have a snack, but when I was lazing around at home I would just kind of forget!
  • I'm 16 weeks now and it's gone so hopefully Funky it shouldn't be long for you :\) Glad your taking the antibiotics, you never know it might be the infection making you feel sicky or even the tablets?

    Poz I felt better at the weekends cos I was getting up really early in the week whilst still sleepy and trying to force myself to eat!!
  • I always found my morning sickness was worse on weekends because I got up later and therefore ate breakfast later.
  • I think it's just sods law!! You're pregnant, we're meant to suffer - welcome to life as a mum sort of thing!!!

    Hope you're feeling better now - on the plus side, at least you know you're raging with pg hormones - no better assurance than that!!!

    9 days to go
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