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Nub And skull theory guesses please


Can anyone tell the Gender from these scans Please?? One at 12 weeks and one at 21 weeks? We didn’t find out gender but thought it would be fun to try. I can’t wait now 😬 I am useless!  image



  • I think boy 💙  going off skull theory :) what do you think your having? Whatever you think is probably right :) as soon as I got handed my 12 week scan photo I knew I was having a boy :) and I did he’s 11 weeks old now XX 

  • Ah thank you 😊 I have a feeling maybe boy but I can not tell From the scans! I think It’s harder when it’s your own 😬 xx

  • It’s weird though actually as I thought girl at the 12 week scan and think boy now? So I be gone through both haha xx 

  • thank you for commenting. What makes you think girl?? I honestly can’t tell!! 😂

  • I’d go with your instinct :) I knew i was having a boy from the 12 week scan like I said but there was part of me thinking I might still get a girl but deep down I just knew, got told at a private gender scan at 16 weeks, don’t trust the nhs lol they told me and my friend wrong! At the 20 week scan they said I was having a girl, went back to private scan and he was definitely a boy lol 

  • Haha that’s great thank you!  don ‘t Really want to know but a part of me does as well lol! 

  • imageimageany guesses anyone - boy or girl?😊

  • Sasha I think girl 

  • Thank you Rebecca! 

  • imagehi everyone so what do you think about my little peanut boy or girl this is 12 week scan 

  • I think boy! I was sure i was having a boy but then i compared my scan photo to all my friends who had boys and it looked so diffrent so then i started to think girl and i had a gender scan last week and shes a little girl! And your photo looks really like my friends so id say boy! And melissa id say girl for you as that looks so much girl 12 weeks scan! You can never be 100% until your gender scan but thats just my opinion! Xx

  • Thanks sjc for replying 😀 I have a little precious boy already I would love for this to be a baby sis but as long as baby is healthy 

  • Aww! I no exactly how you feel, i had a mmc in november  and honestly never felt pain like it, me and my partner was so exicted for the 12 week scan to see the baby for the first time and the baby had stopped growing it was heart breaking! And now we feel so blessed to have a healthy little girl growing perfectly so far! Nothing will ever replace the baby we lost but im just so glad shes healthy and growing fine! Everyone was asking me what sex i wanted and i was just like as long as the baby is healthy im really not bothered and everyone says everyone has a sex they would prefer but i think noone really cares as long as the baby is healthy! Good luck with the rest of your pregrancy! Xxx

  • I’m so sorry to hear that !! i can’t even imagine how heartbreaking that must be .. I’m so glad to hear that you have another little angel baby growing strongly now !!you love this baby extra in memory of the one lost  ..    Yes that’s really all that matters a happy healthy baby !! Good luck to you as well . Thank you 

  • So can anybody help me with nub and skull theory? babyboy or babygirl? image

  • 14 wks 2 days imageany gender guesses ??

  • Lara and Melissa I think both girls ❤️

  • Thanks Rebecca image

  • image 

    any ideas? Due in a few weeks and family and friends are very divided 

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