Evil women trying to scare me

How evil is this?

I went to the hospital the other day to visit my mum and the women in the bed next to her noticed that iwas pregnant and started to tell me how much pain i was going to be in and how labour was the worst thing to go through cause you have no choice but go through with it once your pregnant. She went into graffic detail of all the ins and out (none of which was good) basically she tried to scare me. What she didnt realise is i've already been through it before and labour doesnt scare me one bit. Once i told her this fact she started going on how the 2nd labour is a million times worse and the after pains awful with your 2nd.

Why are some people like this? What if i had a been a first time mum who was already worried about the labour?

Some people are just evil.


  • Because people just can't keep their opinions to themselves! When I was preg I was talking to my MW about this subject and she said that all women go through it.

    I'm the opposite; if preg lady asks me how labour was I always focus on the positive side and try to gloss over the bad bits.
  • That made me laugh Speckle - obviously a very bored woman doing her bit for womanhood!!!

    I think most women feel compelled to make their labour even more gory than the last story they heard. Bit sad really! Good for you Pixie, I'm much the same, although I have sections these days anyway so I can't really compete!x
  • I think theres something wrong with some people or there just bitter & twisted!! I don't mind others telling me, even if its graphic, but only AFTER i've asked them!!!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi

    Well i think labour is amazing! Yes it's painful but i dont think anyone is going to go into it with rose tinted glasses and think all will be great.

    The second that baby is given to you everything else just fades away and i'd go through everything a million times over for that feeling!

    Some people just havent got anything better to do with their lives, its sad! Must admit her face was comical when i finally told her i already had a son (i think she just presumed it was my first cause although im 24 i only look really young)

  • You should have told her it was your 6th child!!! That would have knocked the smirk off her face!
  • Hiya
    Just wanted to say - and please don't think I'm siding with this woman for doing such a thing - but what I found when I was pregnant is that many people project their pregnancy/birth/labour onto you, like in some ways it's cathartic to get it all out. Theirs is the only experience they've had and you can find that some of those who had a terrible time get a bit of a chip on their shoulder because they feel like they missed out on something fantastic.... and so then try and make themselves feel better by horrifying and terrifying people like us!
    One friend of mine got really nasty and laughed in my face just because I said I wanted to grow my hair. She said " oh my God now you are just being so ridiculous, you obviously have NO idea what it's like being pregnant because your hair will just be lank and greasy"........ I got really upset about it but she has a horrendous time being pregnant and seemed to be taking joy in my morning sickness coz it was never as bad as hers blah blah blah.... (Oh and my hair was great, and grew lovely!)
    Another friend said she saw it as her duty to tell me exactly how labour was going to be so I didn't have any false illusions (quite ridiculous coz every labour is different. What she actually meant was I was going to sit and listen to every last detail of her labour instead....!!!!)

    In your situation I think I would have had to say to her 'Gosh, that all sounds really terrible for you, especially as it's clearly still affecting you after all this time. Have you thought about counselling? It might help you to come to terms with it...."
    That should have shut her up!! Cheeky mare!
  • ppl are evil alot of the time,but everyones labours r diff thou,2nd time labours r supposed to b quicker but yer you do have afterpains which is what im really worried about image more then the actual labour itsself lol.
    abbie,hope+bluebump 35+1
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