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Hi can i just ask were any of you have bought your nursing bras form if your breast feeding? I've seen some on the internet but would rather walk round a shop and have a look round


  • I haven't bought any yet only as my size hasn't changed so gonna wait till nearer the time in case it does. But I have had a look in mothercare and they seem nice and you can get them in m & s too. My midwife also adviced me to wait as long as poss before buying any as your size can change dramatically nearer the birth.
    Tammi xxx
  • Thanks

    Your boobs definately change size! Im large chested anyway but mine were only mm's from touching either side of the bath when i had my son lol
  • lol speckle, think my oh is disappointed that mine haven't changed a bit yet. Both my mam and sister seemed to expand rapidly straight away so he thought I would too!!!
    Tammi xxx
  • lol, Zoey I am already an E cup so don't want them to change. Pete like most men though just loves big boobs!!!!
    Tammi xxx
  • lol lol lol, same here! Although they are tender sometimes Pete thinks that they are constantly sore, anything to keep him off them. Why are boys like kids when it comes to boobs? Everytime Pete see thems its like the first time all over again! xxx
  • One thing to bear in mind when buying nursing bras is not to buy to many, I would manage with as few as possible to start with. Once you get into the swing of breastfeeding and your supply settles down you may find you change size again, I went down a full cupsize last time. Mothercare have some lovely t-shirt nursing bras but Primark is worth a look as well. When I was feeding Millie I got some quite nice ones for ??4 each although they didn't have a brilliant size range.
  • i have got some from debenhams this time and they r really comfortable too,better support than the mothercare ones i got when i had my daughter.

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