Finally 99 days to go!

Hi mums and bumps
yeaaaahy! I've finally got to 99 days to go! so excited. I'm 26 weeks today..its gone soooo slowly since my 20 week scan. Does is speed up once you've got 99 days to go?


  • hi, it does seem to get quicker once down to double figures, iv got 50 days left and it doesnt seem 2 mins since i was at 99 days. you'l suddenly look back and go 'where did those weeks go?'
  • Hi Carlybarleyx
    I've just posted the same thing on another topic, but your 10 weeks ahead of me lol, I'm just too impatient, I cant wait.
  • Wooo whoo! We are on the same due date! 99 days for me as well! I was real happy to see that!

    Your belly is so much bigger than mine though!

    My little boy has been doing active gymnastics today! imageimage

  • I can't wait till only 99 days to go. I think it is an psychological hurdle to get over getting past 100 days.
    Remember how quickly the countdown to your wedding went, this will be the same I hope. Suz xx
  • Yeh, I seem to think the whole pregnancy has flown by but especially the last few weeks. I have 58 days to go but when that's translated as 8 weeks I can't believe it!!
    I am now on maternity leave though and am hoping its not going to slow down!
    Got to keep busy I spose!
    I've just been outside and cleaned the french patio windows! What ever next.......?!

    Enjoy it.

    32+1. xx

  • Ive got 95 days to go!

    Its dragging soooooooo slow image
  • lol no dont tell me its still going slow!
    Fooxoo my bump suddenly popped a few weeks ago, I stayed the same from about 16 to 21 weeks and all of a sudden I woke up one day and couldnt see my toes anymore! My bubba is usually very very quiet but seems to have been dancing in celebration of reaching the 99 day mark today!
    I remember Zoey85 posting when she only had 99 days to go and thinking "oh my god I'm never going to get there" it seemed so far away!
    Suz I remember with the wedding count down it seemed to be 137 days to go to 37 days to go in no time at all!
    I'm just soo ready to have this baby, but it'll come when its good and ready.
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