shoulder & arm ache

I am new to the website and need to ask a question..
Has anyone had muscle ache? particularly left arm and shoulder?
I stupidly typed shoulder pain into google and I know that it is related to ectopic pregnancy? It isnt a sharp pain and isnt at the "tip of my shoulder" it is an all over ache, between my shoulder blades and down my arm, as though I have slept on it funny, it has been coming and going for the past few days has anyone had this?, I have the same kind of pulled muscle pain in my legs...

I notice the pain more when I am sitting in the same position for a while?
I am having all usual pregnancy symptoms, sickness, tiredness, sore boobs, heightened sense of smell, backache, very slight cramps that are not as bad as period pain and I have had not passed any blood...



  • I had this pain from about 6-10 weeks and like you, thought the worst (so much so that we booked an early scan for 7+4). I discovered the reason for my shoulder ache was my boobs!
    They were quite large pre-pregnancy (34F) and one of the first symptoms I had was tender boobs. I tried wearing a soft non-underwired bra to sleep in which I hadn't done previously and found that this helped with the shoulder and neck ache. Didn't stop the tender boobs but these went away on their own at about 13 weeks and haven't had them since. Not sure what to say about your legs but I think all sorts of aches and pains can be normal during pregnancy so I wouldn't worry. I'm sure all is fine.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
    Amy 25+3
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