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How many times a day is it safe to use doppler?!

My AngelSounds Doppler arrived today and i've got to admit to using it 3 times already. Ooops.

Only problem being is that the OH hasn't been with me when i've used it yet. How many times a day is safe to use it?! Am I best waitin until tomorrow to let him hear the heartbeat? (he doesn't know yet that it has been delivered!) xx


  • I use mine constantly! It isn't unheard of for me to have used it 5 times in one day and my baby's just fine! I think they'd come with a warning if there was a unsafe limit. So I say listen away xx
  • a day?! i was under the impression it was twice a week!!!!!
  • There aren't really any studies done on it so noone really knows, I'm sure using it a few times in one day won't do any harm though, I'd just try not to make a habit of using it quite so frequently! x
  • Thank you, I am going to err on the side of caution I think. I so want to listen ALL the time but i think a few times a week is going to be more than enough (thats my aim!). xx
  • hi, just spoke to my good friend bout this who is a head midwife n she said no more than 2-3 times a weeks. supposedly the midwife and nursing asossiation are trying to have them banned ! x
  • Thank you for that Marie, best hide mine then! xx
  • I use mine about 3 times a week.

    My MW knows I have one and she is fine with it. In fact, we've decided not to bother with the 16 week appointment because I can listen to HB myself and will arrange my own blood tests. I can call her if I need to ask anything or have any problems. She knows I am a nurse though and a 3rd time Mum, so maybe that's why she is cool with it?

    The only thing she said was to try not to use it at night, because if baby is lying funny and you can't find the HB, you could freak out and end up at A&E stressed out. She said A&E will almost certainly find HB straight away but all in all you'll have ended up spending 4 hours at the hospital for nothing and that is why MW's are trying to get them banned. She said so many mums get it wrong or struggle to find HB and waste hospital time panicking?

    It is addictive though! :lol: Maybe once you can feel baby move more and get reassurance that way, you'll be less inclined to want to check on HB? Enjoy! xxx
  • I think the reason midwives don't like them is because there have been cases where people have felt reduced movements and used the doppler to see if all was okay, heard the heartbeat and then not bothered to see anyone about the reduced movement.

    So as long as you're not using it as a diagnosis tool I think frequent use is fine. I was using mine all the time when I first got it but I did reduce the amount I used it drastically when I started feeling movement. It's really good as a reassurance tool in the early days xx
  • Thank you ladies, that all makes perfect sense to me and like you I will definately not use it half as much when my baby starts moving and I can feel it regularly. It really is more of a reassurance tool and a bloody good one at that.
  • thats exactly why!! but i dnt understand y people would not bother with appointments just because they can listen themselves.. noone but a trained midwife nos wt a healthy heartbeat sounds like,, i dnt think its a bad thing having one but to use it instead of going to appointments is very dangerous . x
  • i listened to the heartbeat with dd1 every day without fail, it was lovely and so reassuring! will be using it when this pregnancy is further along too!
  • We have just ordered one but am only going to use it once a week between now and next scan and then hopefully by then there will be movement I can feel. I seen the baby moving on my 12 week scan. Just can't wait to feel it for myself image x
  • hya, i used mine every 1-2 days for ages!
    it is only now that i feel baby move every day that i have actually forgot to use it for the last few weeks! im sure it is fine to listen every day until baby starts moving!
  • I have an angelsounds doppler, which I bought mainly so hubby could feel more involved and listen to bubs. I used it every other day at first, but have to admit that now baby is very active I only use it maybe once every 1-2 weeks.

    I don't think there is a medical reason to limit it's use, but like the other ladies have said, could distract from other things.
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