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Gender guess?!?



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    This is baby at 14 weeks :) 

  • Thanks for the guess Kjrv I’m sec hoping for a little girl will find out sat

    sugarloop I would guess girl by the shape of the head x

  • Nay1234 - I thought the rounder the skull for a girl so would say yours was girl - same to you Sugarloop.

    Which bit is the nub then haha!

    Can't wait to see the results! 

    (I won't make a paid bet with my husband then just in case hehe) 

  • Sugar loop i would say girl 

    i know what you mean about round heads but it’s more the forehead I look at my girls had rounded foreheads my boys was flatter 

    the nub is the line near the bum end yours is straight indicating girl Nay1234

  • I agree Kjrv with the forehead rather than the whole skull :) 

    oh thanks  the guess will let you know what it is Saturday will be interesting to see wheather we was all right in our guesses :)

  • It can seriously drive you crazy😜 the more you look the more you can see lol 

  • Thank you so much for the guesses I have 2 boys so would love a girl but a healthy baby is all that matters ❤❤ can't wait to see if all your guesses where correct! I won't no until January 😊

  • Yea that’s the main thing sugarloop 💙💓 to think in a few months we will all be sat cuddling our babies it’s magical 

  • It's so special, Although it's driving me a little insane not knowing im so excited for the suprise 💙❤

  • I was sure I wanted a surprise I have both so had no reason to need to know but after my first scan was so frustrated not knowing lol

  • Same here I have one of each too this pregnancy has been totally difftent to them both lol 😂 I also wanted a surprise but my oh persuaded me to find out to Be practical and prepared how many weeks are you ladies ?

  • I’m 15 weeks. This has been my worst with headaches and sicky feeling but I felt sicky with my son my girls I had nothing. I looked at unisex clothing the other day and I would find it hard buying, need to be organised. plus children are coming with us to private scan and are super excited will be a special time ☺️

  • Kjrv im 16 weeks so close together i defo had more sickness with my boy than With my girl this time ive not been sick just feel sick what’s annoying. Yeah my little girl is coming too my sons to young to understand but she really wants a little sister i cant wait to see her reaction though it will either be happy or crying lol 😂 

  • Ah really haha! I'm 24 weeks, so far it's been my best pregnancy It's been a breeze, I was really sick with my boys but nothing this time! I just hope it continues! 

  • I’m 17 Weeks on saturday. This is my third and I have two boys (10 and 6)

    With this one I’ve just been so much more emotional and weepy so kinda hoping its because i have more female hormones rather then I’m just going mad haha! 

  • We are all quite close then! Mine all came early though my last daughter was prem. strange how different you can feel carrying different sex

  • Oh that’s werid we all on our third ! I think every pregnancy is diffrent saying is totally true. The only thing I’m finding harder this time really is the tiredness but I think that’s just down to having two little ones to chase after already. When this one is born it will be 3 under 4 for me until mI daughter turns 4 A few months later I’m guns Feel it I know for sure. are your boys close ? I’ve heard boys are closer than girls or mixed sex 

  • I had 3 under 3 and had girl boy girl ☺️ 

    im on my 4th lol don’t get alot of time to think baby and my bumps only just come 

  • Kjrv oh ok thsts Lovely the sequence in the sexes you Have ive always wanted 4 but I think this will be my last I was happy with two this one wasa shock to say the least. is it as hard and demanding as people say with 3 ? 

  • I will have 3 under 5, eldest 4 middle will be 21 months when baby is born my boys adore each other they sit in the back of the car holding hands ect , I agree I can't help but feel so tired and need a nap by the afternoon  😂 xx

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