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Gender guess?!?



  • My two have their moments of being thick as thieves but I think the age gap at the moment is maybe causing a bit of friction between them! i still catch them having cuddles on the sofa, but not as often! 

    Weve got pre-teen hormones, a testosterone surge and an emotional pregnant woman in the house at the poor poor husband 😂

  • Ah sugahoop that’s so adorable i think I’ll be lucky either way if I have a boy there will only be 21 month gap and im feeling they will be close as they grow up but then on the other hand my 3 year old understands and keeps asking for a baby sister so I can see her being s excited if it’s girl so either way I’ll be happy

    Sarnie oh I bet your house is fun at the moment judt think you’ll be adding a baby to that mix to soon :) 

  • I think after you’ve had two the others fit in I didn’t feel any busier. I said after 3 that was it but had my implant out as it had been 3 years in and needed changing and I fell as soon as it was took out massive shock these thing were meant to be clearly and I wouldn’t change it now 

  • Kjrv defo that’s amazing how quick you feel after having that that’s also what I’ve told myself everything happens for a reason 

  • My eldest wants another boy but I can't imagen a house with 4 grown men 🙈 I'll never have any food and it will smell 😂😂x

  • Haha that’s really made me laugh sugarloop i hope for your sake you get a girl even though you will be well looked after 

  • Haha that's true I will 😊 I adore my boys and they are such mummy's boys but I would like to even the numbers a little x

  • Sugaloop i also Hope you get a girly my oh is bad enough so can’t imagine it with oh plus 3 boys ! 

  • Sugarloop......I’m the same! Sometimes the house just feels so full of testosterone! They’re not particularly “blokey” and I’m not girly girl, but the difference is so clear sometimes! 

    Plus the amount of food that’s disappearing!! 

    Both my boys want a sister but I’ve hopefully explained enough that we don’t get a choice and another brother to the gang will be just as cool! 

  • Haha if I don't get a girl I'll always have my dogs lol 

  • My eldest daughter and son want a brother and my youngest daughter won’t even contemplate it bring a boy she keeps saying baby girl 😂 my oh wants another son would be nice but you don’t hear much of girl boy girl boy 

  • imageHey ladies just wanted to update you we was wrong lol 😂 we are team blue it’s a bouncing little boy x

  • Congratulations Nay1234 that’s amazing.. bet your sons pleased! I find out next weekend. Were you nervous? i can’t believe how worked up in getting about it and it really won’t matter either way lol 

  • Yeah I was really nervous my little girl wasent happylol but we already had one of each so really dident matter but in shock still x

  • Ah I think we get so set on our gut feeling though. It’s lovelY though. Maybe you will even up with number 4 lol x my oh and son have been having a nerf war today kind on changes your mind 😂

  • We also found out ours was another little blue today too! Eldest son has been very sad and weepy bless him! Weve got a proper little wolf pack now! 


  • Aw congrats sarnie boy squad for you then :) I knew deep down my was a boy today confirmed it my little girl was there her reaction oh not another brother lol 😂 so makes us 1 girl and 2 boys but I’m happy that my youngest is always going to have a brother so close in age x 

  • nay1234 found out today we are having our 3rd little girl 💓 massive shock but really pleased.. my little boy keeps saying he’s extra special but glad he won’t have to share his room 🤗 

  • Kjrv congratz aw bet you youngest girl was super happy she wanted a little sister wasent it. your sons going to have his plate full with three sisters and three lots of hormones when they are all older but I know what you mean about rooms my daughter will be happy she’s not going to have to share her room and your sons right ive told my daughter the same because your the only girl youll always be the special one she loves it lol 😂 was you expecting another girl ? 

  • Congrats Kjrv! That’s lovely! What did we think it was again from the scan? Have we guessed them all wrong? 😂

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