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Gender guess?!?


hi everyone, 

these are my 12 Week Scan photos, I'm just wondering if anyone would like to hazard a guess on the gender of my baby. 



  • Girl x

  • Thank you! did you use the nub and skull theory or is it a total guess just curious ☺️

  • I used more nub although I'd have gone girl from skull theory and looks more like my little girls than boys xx

  • Can you guess mine i find out saturday image

  • Boy xx

  • Thank u what makes you say boy x

  • Hi all any guesses from my 12 week scan? Turns out I was 13 weeks. imageimage

  • imagePlease could you guess mine? This is my 4th baby and already got girl boy girl 😊

  • Did you find out? I’d of said girl 

  • Me and hubby were looking at these theories and seem to have misinterpreted. I think boy, he thinks girl. We find out Saturday anyway, but according to the skull theory/nub theory im not even sure what a nub is) who is more likely right on this one?image

  • Sarnie83 it drives you mad doesn’t it lol I’ve paid for early gender scan as looking at mine is driving me mad. Yours is like mine no cleat nub. I saw it so clear on the scan but it didn’t come out on the pic. Please let us know what your having 

  • Kjrv - yes I'm not even sure what the nub is - I would "think" yours is girl from it having a rounder head (why i think mine is a boy) but I'm not entirely sure if I understand that right! haha

    And yes mine is an early private one - I'm not sure why I'm so bothered this time......I didn't find out with both my boys!

  • Can u guys guess mine? 20 week plus 1 we didn't find out :) image

  • It’s mad because I have felt like it’s a boy all the way along we shall soon see please put it up when you know 

  • Kjrv - when do you find out? 

    Sugarloop - sorry I am rubbish at these so cannot offer a guess! 

  • Kjrv I guess boy

    sarnie I would guess girl 

    i got my gender scan Saturday many guesses on mine ? My little on had hand on face


  • I found out and mines a boy! We thought he was all along but nice to have it confirmed! 💙

  • Aww huge congratulations to you Brjg lovely news 

    I’ve felt boy all along with mine I sailed through my daughters pregnancies but didn’t feel as well with my son and my bump is coming more like a boy. I find out next Sunday. Can’t wait! Our scans look very similar 

    sarnie i would say more girl 

    sugarloop do you have another pic it’s such a close up.. amazing though  

  • Nay1234 I would say girl your nub is very clear and parallel with spine 

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