find out about induction today..AND SWEEP QUESTION!

i have appointment with consultant today to make a plan for induction and possibly get a sweep as i am 3 days over now!

i have been crying all morning at dh cause i am so terrified of labour pains after last time and knowing what its like i guess, and whats more, i got in such a panic last time and just know ill be the same this time.

i am not scared of getting a sweep, and hope i am given one and that it works so i can go into labour at home, whereas last time i was induced and spent first half of labour in hospital alone, as wasnt put on labour ward yet.

anyway i think ive got last minute jitters (or terrors more like!), i am looking forward to baby but just dont want to be there at the birth!!

anyway hope everyone and bumps are well.

does anyone know if your parts need to be a certain way before they can give you a sweep? or can they do it even if nothing is dilating yet??;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Apart from fresh, nothing needs to be done. They usually give you an examination and proceed to a sweep if need be. Its not pleasant but not the worst thing in the world. Good luck, hope your lil one shows up very soon. Take Care xx
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