what happens?

ive got my first midwife appointment next week, i will be 6 weeks pregnant.

i know that its gonna take about 1 1/2 hours, but what happens there. what does she ask etc????

xx :\)


  • hey congrats! my booking in was 6 weeks but they mad eme come back at 8 weeks as said it was too soon which didnt fill me with confidence..! it wasnt that long but got lots of info, leaflets, an nhs pregnancy book, some bloods taken, urine sample, and they talked about where i want to have baby, breast feeding... lots of info.. after that the appointments are a bit boring excerpt for hearing heartbeat and finding out how big they are! they ask bout yours and family history, illnesses etc..
    youll be fine!
    holly xx
  • Hi Kell2
    Your 1st appointment is s long one.They will take notes on your medical history, take 3-4 lots of blood from you weigh and measure you and basically explain what and when things will be done. Its long but pain free and very helpful if its your 1st baby.
    Good luck xxx
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