so im just back from the midwife............
my bp was slightly up (i was expecting this as i had my cat re-homed today and have been in bits all day crying my eyes out and begging kirk to go and get her back)
i had +protien in wee and i have been having a pain in my right rib just below my boob (apparently another sign)
so i the midwife was umming and arring as to weather i should go hospital she asked how i was feeling and i said fine so they did the blood test then and there and i will get the results next wednesday

so my question is ....... can u get pre-eclampsia this late in pregnancy im 37 weeks today????


  • Hey

    I had the same thing but they sent me straight up to the hospital but it turned out not to be pre-eclampsia. Its more common later on in pregnancy and its scary because the only cure is to get the baby out!!! How high is your blood pressure? Try not to worry about it though. If they are worried about you they will induce you.

  • hi
    she said my bp was slightly high bottom number was 84 i think
  • 84 isn't too bad, the magic number seems to be 90. If it hits that or goes over then thats when they worry. Mine hit 104 just after my baby was born. I was induced with mine. Don't worry about it and if they decide to induce you then at least you will meet your baby soon!!!!

    Good luck!
  • i think thats whats scaring me!!!
  • lol aww at least you know baby will be ok if they decide to induce you. Hope everything works out fine.
  • if you are feeling well in yourself dont worry too much - your midwife should have told you of things to look out for (headache etc). she should have also booked you in for a repeat BP reading. lol
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