To touch or not to touch?

Hiya everyone was just wondering what peoples views are on bellytouchers.

Went to a family party(Hubbies side) last night and can I just say I totally felt like a piece of meat proded and poked by loads of people wouldnt mind if they asked first but I cant stand it why do they think cause Im pregnant it ok to maul me.

So do you like it or hate it?


  • I dont really have that problem, I think only about 3 people have touched my bump but I guess it would get on my nerves if people did it all the time.
  • i dont like it,i dont mind my partner,daughter and mum doing it, but i hate it when people who i hardley know put there hands all over my tummy,i dont even like the in laws doing it and i get on with then really well, it makes me feel uncomftable, and it starts annoying you aswell.

  • Hmmm well I'm only 17 weeks (first baby) so I've only just started to get a bump but I'm not sure it would bother me unless a complete stranger came up and did it! That would be weird...I've recently started getting comments though, my oh's grandad asked me if it was twins! (it's not) Charming! Haha. x
  • So far I haven't had any random strangers trying to touch my belly..i'd probably slap them - as far as I'm concerned noone has any right to touch you without permission.

    Only hubby touches my belly when he wants. i've let 2 friends touch but they asked.. well one did, the other I offered to let her feel the weird lump of baby sticking out.

    At our wedding, after telling parents no touching, both mother and MIL kept touching at the side of me which really pissed me off... I'd said I didn't like it and the only reason i didn't say anything was cause i didn't want to spoil the day for hubby.. if they tried at any other time I'd have had words. My mother did get the hump when I jokingly said to my friend (who hates pregnant bellies and anythign to do with pregnancy) 'do you want to touch' and then laughed at her when she was grossed out.. I think my mother thinks she has some kind of right when noone else should but she's mistaken!

    I guess then you could say that i definately do not like people just touching me..whether strangers or not - fortunately I haven't really had a problem with it.. I've heard enough horror stories about random old ladies coming and poking bumps though that i got a bit paranoid...maybe i just give off unfriendly vibes so people stay away image

    Friend of mine told me about her friend who had a problem with random old ladies coming and grabbing her bump... her response was to go 'ooh boobies' and grab their boobs ... that made them run pretty quickly image
  • i loved people toching my bump but only ppl i knew , image
  • I did'nt mind either but I agree with Hayley, only friends or family etc. I would'nt like it if a complete stranger just came up and started touching my bump! no way! x x x
  • I dont really mind but then again it has only been close family that have touched my bump such as my husband, mum and sisters and my little niece who is so cute and calls my bump 'shnuckums'. bless her. She strokes it and even gives it a little kiss through my clothes and is very keen for it to be a little girl (hopefully will find out today at my 20 week scan):\)
  • I definately get more attention from strangers now the bump is in full swing. Not had anybody actually touch it for a while but ppl want to talk to me, who would normally have not gave me a second glance. Women especially. Its a maternal thing i think.
  • I havent had anyone trying to touch my bump, but think they know I would probably say something if they did... I would be very annoyed if anyone tried touching without asking first whether it be family or not, to me it would feel like an invasion of privacy... people wouldnt go round randomly grabbing your boobs would they?? I dont mind oh touching as it is half his anyway... and maybe a little further on when lo really starts wiggling in day the kids can join in but thats it....

    Lisa 22+2 x x
  • I worked in customer service while I was pregnant and got a lot of the customers I deal with touching the bump. I'm normally very funny about that kind of thing but I tried to look at it that they weren't touching me, but the baby. A lot of people see her in the buggy now and give her hand a wee stroke while talking to her, stuff like that, and I kinda see touching the bump as the same thing.
  • I don't like it much which surprises me coz I never thought it would bother me.
  • I dont like it. Dont mind oh or my mum but every other person no unless they ask. What i hate even more is the amount of people who stare when we go shopping like they have never seen a pregnant person before and people saying your massive or small too that annoys me. xximage
  • Ok im not pregnant but i have had friends, relatives and colleagues that have been and never felt the urge to touch their bellys. I have if they have offered to let me so i can feel it kick. I would never in a million years touch a strangers belly, i think thats weird.

    For those of you that dont like being touched by people you need these
  • I didn't mind close family touching bump. But one time a male colleague at work touched bump and that's when I realised I absolutely hated it. But I was too polite to say anything.
    Now lo attracts attention wherever he goes, and sometimes they want to hold his hand or stroke his cheek.
  • i got a great t shirt from website made me chuckle good luck all xxx
  • I dint mind people touching if they asked, what bovad me was the random people wen I was out shopping who wud say "my god, u r huge r u aving twins". I got so upset by these comments towards the end I started saying back to people "im pregnant whats ur excuse?". Nasty i know but i had just had enuf. Kerry xxx
  • I found it so horrible when people touched my bump- the worst was my sis in law she just patted away whenever she felt like it! It's wierd to me as I'm not very touchy-feely anyway, it felt like an invasion of my personal space. Not many people know I'm pregnant this time but I'm starting to show now- I'm 17 weeks- so might invest in a hands off the bump t-shirt!
  • I am having a nightmare with belly feelers at the moment almost everyone i work with is constantly feeling my big bump even strangers who come in for meetings which is driving me up the wall, i really don't mind friends or family feeling bump as i am proud of it but it does make me rather uncomfortable when it's people i hardly know and they are invading my personal space!!!

    x x
  • I REALLY don't like it (don't mind v close family or friends who ask) but I get it a lot from work colleagues etc and I generallly find rubbing their tummies back at the same time stops them!!!!!!!!!! Seriously give them a rub and they suddenly step back and look at me like I am crazy then I just say 'well just cos there is a baby in there doesn't make me a feely toy' or something similar and they are all starting to get the message.

    I mean you would never touch anyones tummy otherwise so why is it ok just cos someone is pregnant???? IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have to say i find it disgusting when people openly call pregnant people 'fat', they may be larger than normal but no one likes being told they are huge. I remember reading a magazine that called Charlotte Church on her weight problems when she was pregnant, I wanted to scream as if people dont have enough issues with their weight now people want them to be sticks with a tum when pregnant. GGGGRRRR ok rant over know!
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