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has anyone else had this???

Hi i have had 2 pregnancys with my 2nd i had a mucus like pink bleed for about 2 to 3 days and i think i'm pregnant again but not sure i've got the same thing again and i was woundering if anyone could give me advice other that go c a doc cause it would be too early yet.


  • i had this and just put it down to a funny period and im now 20wks with my 3rd, i left it 3weeks before doing a test
  • congrats on your 3rd well i'm in day 2 of this thing now so i'm not sure whats going on but i was going to look at buying a test next thursday witch would make me about 2 weeks or so, i know i get a sick feeling if i'm hungrey lol and headaches lol and i had a really good sleep last night didn't get up until 10 this mornig then i was back in bed by 2 this afternoon till 5 lol so i wanna hope i am preg other wise something else is going on lmao
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