Two left Feet

Hi has anyone used this site?

Is it ok?

Or does anyoneknow where i can get a Bambino Mio Nappy bucket from?




  • Hi, I got the bambino mio nappy bucket from x
  • Think there have been a few very negative posts about Two Left Feet and quite recently - worth searching a few of the forums but am sure they were a company best avoided.


  • Hi Cazz,

    I used two left feet recently to buy my bugaboo cameleon. Didn't get the best of service to be honest. It took over four weeks to arrive when it said on the website they would deliver in 10-14 days. They didn't contact me to tell me about the delay. I phoned twice and both times I was on hold for about half an hour before they answered. The last time I called the girl told me they'd just got in a big delivery so would check if my order was there and then she put me on hold for another 20 minutes because she had to physically walk down to the warehouse herself to find out!

    Having said all that, it was a brilliant deal and we saved over ??150 and now we have the buggy we are chuffed to bits. I would only recommend them if you don't mind waiting and you are getting a really good deal!

    But I agree with vodkasis - check back for old posts about them because there has been some negatives reported (I was involved in one of those lengthy discussions!)
  • Hi Airlie Bird,

    Although two left feet seem to have some good deals. I personally would AVOID buying from them.

    There have been a couple of posts on here where people have had a bad experience. Also if you look at reviews on line, no-body gives them more than 1/5 stars, Take a look at the website below to hear peoples comments in teh last 2 weeks. YOu may read of a couple of fortunete buyers whos experience has been ok. On the whole I have got the impression, not to waste your time dealing with them. The link below will show you what I mean.

  • Hello i posted on here recently about my experience of two left feet. Their customer service is terrible - actually this has reminded me that i need to call the again tomorrow. I ordered a pram 7 weeks ago and i still have not got it.

    If you google them there are pages and pages of bad reviews. They have even been on watchdog!! If you can find the same product for the smae price elsewhere then dont use two left feet.
  • We got the bambino mio premium pack from for ??199.99. We will also be getting ??6.33 cashback from that from ordering through I'm pretty good at shopping around and I think thats a very good deal. How much is it at two left feet?
  • Oh yeah, our council will also give us ??30 back for buying reusable nappies - you should check out if your council does anything like that too.
  • Ohh I used two left feet and wouldn't use them again. I had a bad experience!
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