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Hi all,

i'm new on this board and its my first time pregnancy. I am suffering from all day long morning sickness. Went to the doctors yesterday and he precribed my some anti sickness tablets but proceeded to throw up again less than 15mins after taking them, I am being sick 6 times a day plus and I am so scared this isnt normal. I phoned up my local maturnity unit and have had no responce from them I am 11 weeks and havent even had a letter for my 20 week dating scan. Can someone please tell me know if what I am going through is normal.



  • It sounds quite extreme but it is not unheard of. You really need to go back to the doctors as if you can't keep any water down you can easily become dehydrated. I would keep chasing your dating scan as this is normally done at about 12 weeks but it can be a bit later (mine was 14 weeks), hope you start to feel better soon
    Kerry xx
  • Keep an eye on your skin - if you become very dehydrated you would need to go in for some IV fluids. To test for dehydration, pull your skin on the back of your hand up. If it springs back straight away you're ok, but if it stays pulled up, you need to get to your GP/A&E asap. If you are worried at all and not getting anywhere with your GP, call your Early Pregnancy Unit at your hospital.

    Hugs - it's miserable but it does normally improve or stop around 14 - 15 weeks.xx
  • I was meant to write I havent received a letter about my 10 week scan (not 20 wk!) I am really annoyed that I havent been able to speak to a midwife about what I am going though and all the doctor did was give me a rant about how I was lucky that I have access to treatments unlike the africans. Lucky me
  • Wow - how sensitive!!!! Have you had your booking appointment yet? If so you should have a list of phone numbers in there, including one for the community midwives. You can also telephone them at the surgery when they have their midwife clinics - you leave a message with the receptionist and they call you back normally.
  • See another doctor. Yours sounds like an idiot. I would have expected that you would have been allocated a midwife by now so I would keep trying your maternity unit.
  • All i've had is a booking in appointment, problem is i've moved house and I am between doctors surgerys so i'm not sure which doctors to call as i am not fully registered at my new 1
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