any1 in wilts or near wilts?

I was hoping to meet up and chat to some mom's to be but can't seem to find any. I live in Salisbury and visit poole often and southampton and also andover occassionally but it be nice to meet up with another mom to be to chat and gripe with and share experiences with. I'm a first timer and have been struggling with things i didn't even know i was thinking of... image anyone? or are you all northern lasses? :cry:


  • Unfortunately, Im a northern lass (wythenshawe, manchester), but I know how scary it can be first time round and it is good to talk to people in the same boat! x
  • image yep. would move to midlands if i could but we're trying to get a council place while i'm a full time mom. at the moment i'm temping (good job when i found out i was pregs and knew i didn't want to come straight back to work lol) i work full time 8-4 mon - fri and don't get holiday. i had to finish 45 mins eartly due to the emotional roller coaster i was on and feeling absolutely crap our Occy Hlth gave me some info i hadn't thought about b4 and i've been advised to put it to my doc! should be interesting to prove it true!
  • Hi there, im a mum and mum to be and I live in the same (ish) area as you. I live in Wool in dorset but I also go to Poole often so I'd be happy to chat/meet up if you'd like?
  • I live in Salisbury. I could use a friend or two in the area too!
  • woohoo 2 people *does a happy dance* was thinking iwas the only one on here from this area lol Vixie. I'd be able to meet up at the weekends but not during the week due to work image mBear where in Sals are you? I'm at bishopdown. By the way can only get on here at work due to no net connection at home image so wont be on till monday.
  • I live in the town centre. I work all week and only have weekends off too.
    Hope you had a nice weekend and are not too disappointed to be back at work!
  • no not disappointed to be back at work. Just so tired can't face being here all day although i have too. Feel free to email me if your interested in meeting up. I'm 6 nearly 7 weeks gone and have my first mw appt on thurs afternoon so have day off image mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sleep lol
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