how far gone before bfp?

Hi ladies,

I'm after some advice please. I am currently 5 days late - i'm never late - but still getting a bfn. How long did it take before you got your bfp?

I was pregnant back in oct and got a bfp at 27days the day before my period was due. I'm really hoping that this will turn to a bfp, but really frustrated.


  • Hi Farrell I did a test 1 day before my af was due and it was bfn... thought I was late as we had been trying so long and I tested when I was 6 days late and got a bfp... are you normally late? did you use your morning pee?? I hope you get your bfp good luck xx
  • no never late and I've tested using pee from all time of the day...... prob won't be a bfp, but while the witch is away I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Got an appt at the docs on the 26th for a blood test if still no af or bfp.... I'm not good with waiting..... congrats on your little bean...
  • Thanks honey - good luck you never know while the witch is away the bean might play!!! xx
  • knew it was to good to be true, the witch has reared her ugly head.... image
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