• Yeah they are very good. I'm almost 15 weeks now and sometimes i hear the heartbeat and wonder if its my own but i listened to the heartbeat when i went to the docs so its definitely the right heartbeat!

    Get one! You'll be so amazed that you can hear your little babies heartbeat!
  • Personally I don't like the idea of a doppler. If you use it before 20 weeks you will find it difficult to always find a heart beat and will scare yourself. After 24 weeks you should be concentrating on baby's movements. You may find a heart beat but it won't tell you anything unless you are a professional. You need to examine the heart beat for 30 minutes and to examine changes. It may reassure you but you still need to go to FAU.

    Obviously listening to your baby's heartbeat is a wonderful thing but don't rely on it as any type of medical help.

    Sorry to be such a drama queen but I'm really worried that someone would use one rather than see a professional and that something horrible might happen.

    LOL - H xxx (40+5)
  • I can highly recommed the angel sounds doppler...from amazon. ??30 max.

    We could hear a heartbeat from 14 weeks. Like blondefriend says don't rely on it for medical help but for me i found it very reassuring and made pregnancy seem more real as i wasn't showing for weeks after.

    Sometimes i couldn't find it but OH always did. It didn't worry me if i couldn't as baby is obviously very small but was lovely to hear

    xx 40 exactly!
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