Midwife service in my area

Does anyone have similar service in their area? Need to get this off my chest..

I don't have a mid-wife and have seen 3 so far (I'm now six months). I've been told anyother midwife from another ward may even deliver my baby. Visits to see mw take place at GP surgery who never seem to have free appointments. The only days they allow mw visits are on Fridays 9 - 11. So that means on average MW can see 4 women every friday. My visits are still monthly, and works out to be end of each month but struggling as each time I call to book I'm told to call 2 weeks in advance, when I do, I'm told to call closer to date, when I do, I'm told they don't have any free time available!!!

I was allocated to a midwife unit at the hospital and they are only there 8.30 - 9.30. So far none have ever picked up the phone or returned messages. Any problems and I'm adviced to visit A & E. When all I want is some reassurance about the things happening that scare me and not an emergency.

To be honest, if it weren't for all you women on the chatroom that post really useful information... I would be clueless! So thanks to you all!!


  • Hi, your midwifery care sounds as crap as mine, my midwife (I use the term losely as I have only seen her once in 32 weeks) is on long term sick so have had a different one every time, they are so busy, people in last trimester only get an appointment every 3 weeks. Think alot of NHS has problems with short staffing and not enough funding and Midwifery seems to be up there with the crappest!

    I hope you have a problem free pregnancy so you dont have to call on them to much, as for appointments have a pregnant pap on next time you call and tell them you want an appointment made there and then because this keeps happening to you! Dont let the doctors surgery hitlers (receptionists) put you off, its not acceptable.

  • Judging from what I've seen on here your experience is by no means unusual, lots of people seem to get a really crap deal when it comes to care. I'm lucky in that my mws have been really nice and helpful, but I still don't see them very often (in 3rd trimester only at 28 weeks, 36 weeks and then every 2 weeks- and GP in between). And I'm not even sure if I have been assigned to a particular mw, it's been a different person each time so far. As for your appointment system, that is just ridiculous. You should definitely complain!
  • My care is the same however I'm told that the MW want to see me every 2 weeks (high BP they are worried about Pre-eclampsia) but when i try to make a booking they are full, Grr so annoying Greenwich PCT has a lot to answer for... i also have a numbe r and a pager no to call id i'm in need of assistance but again its only avali between 8.30-9.30am monday to friday ONLY......

    i have also seen a different MW every time i've been to checkups only the student MW is the same and at the mo i feel like i trust her more as its continuosly her face i see.

    Mother1 hope you dont mind me asking but where about do you live? you situation sound the same as mine so i'm just curious to know if we have the same MW team.

  • Mine is the same, I can only see them on a thurs and fri and if I ring they tell me to go to the hospital anyway!! Ive only seen my midwife 3 times as I see the doctor for rest of appoints as the mw have to big a caseload to see you for every appoint and ive never seen the same one twice its been 3 different ad hoc people!!!!

  • Ah sad to hear this is widespread!

    Lija - I'm in the borough of Greenwich as well and with Queen Elizabeth hospital as it's the closest to my house. Also can't get hold of the NCT lady that organises classed in Greenwich as well. I think her name is Alison...
  • Mother ME TO OH MY GOD the TUDOR 20 team are a right mare.. who is your GP
  • I'm with Burrage surgery in Woolwich and my mw appointments take place there as Queen Elizabeth only has community based midwife or so I'm told. I'm with Garland midwives at the hospital.

    As Poz said, I should complain. Just worried if I do if things will get worse image as the receptionist aren't friendly at all. Patients are always complaining there!
  • The midwife service in my area is ok. I am 23 weeks, and have seen my midwife three times, and have another appt in around 2 weeks. All my appts are with the same midwife each time, and I have a contact number for emergencies.

  • Hi mother1 I will reply when I get more of a minute to myself as I have just got home from queen elizabeth myself due to early labour. I must admit its nice to see someone else that is under the hospital I dont normally talk to many from this end of the woods. I agree the service is poor but not the poorest I have come across. I had my first at queen marys in sidcup and wow that was an experience!

    When I come on again later or tomorrow will post properly just sorting myself out at the minute.


  • I'm also under that Hospital too i heard that St marys in sidcup was a better hospital? although i was put off as when i broke my arm they kept losing my Xrays grr
  • Thanks goodness, been looking for people in my area that I can talk to, but can't find anyone as I leave home very early and don't get back till late. Will def log on later at home to chat!
  • hi girls - your care is all appalling!! i cannot believe your surgeries leave it to chance to fit you in, because that is what it sounds like. you should be seen, and on the way out, book your next appointment! the recommendations have changed for how often you need to be seen - slightly more visits if it is your 1st baby, but only just.
    if you are worried about anything, and cannot get seen, just try your GP - he may be arsey with you, but just tell him that you cannot get to see the MW, and if he would like to make the arrangements for you to see them, you would be very happy.
    can you try your community manager? usually based at the hospital, they are in charge of all community teams and midwives.
    as much as hate saying it, you could write to the Chief executive of the trust or PCT telling how disgusted that you are of the lack of care. or even your local MP......
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