To go ahead with induction?

I'm 39+1 and had appt with my consultant today. I have a problem with my heart so I've been closely monitored throughout this pregnancy and I admited to the dr today that it has been getting worse over the last week or so, so she advised that I make an appointment for induction at 40 weeks. So I'm booked in for Sunday evening, but I can cancel it if I change my mind.
I was induced with ds and it was a horrible experience, but the midwife reassured me a bit by telling me that second inductions are usually a bit better and are a bit less risky.
I just want this baby out now as I feel so bad and am also worried about the effect my medication may be having on him. But I'm worried about having another induction both for the risks involved and for the fact that I'll never have another chance to go into labour naturally (why that bothers me i'm not sure!)

What would you all do in this situation?

Mrs C


  • what about an elective c section? again theres risks.... just wondered how u felt about that? I think that if ur unwell then sooner would be better than later, longer the pregnancy lasts the more stress on ur cardiac problem .... let us know what u decide. Thinking of u xx
  • Definitely don't want a c-section if I can avoid it, and consultant is happy enough for me to go another week since I'm not actually term yet. Hubby only has two weeks off and not sure how i'd deal with ds who still needs to be lifted in and out of the bath etc.
  • Definitely don't want a c-section if I can avoid it, and consultant is happy enough for me to go another week since I'm not actually term yet. Hubby only has two weeks off and not sure how i'd deal with ds who still needs to be lifted in and out of the bath etc.
  • Hiya, not sure what to suggest on the induction front but I can totally understand your wish to go into labour naturally. I had an induction with ds and it was positive overall but I would really love to experience a natural labour this time round.

    I'm sure the midwives are right about second time inductions being easier as your body has been through it already and will hopefully respond quicker as it remembers what to do.

    good luck with whatever you decide x
  • I know how you feel about wanting to go into labour, I was induced first time round, and I hope that this time bug decides to come out of her own accord, and I'll probably be a bit disappointed if I need to be induced again, but still, if it were me, I'd go for the induction. A safe, healthy delivery for you and bubs is waaaaay more important than the experience of going into labour, and the consultant wouldn't have recommended an induction if it wasn't necessary. xxx

  • For your health I would go ahead with the induction, I can understand why you would be reluctant to have an induction, I had an induction with dd 10 months ago and remember after thinking it was horrendous but when I think about it now while there was mistakes made it wasnt that bad overall, I had pre-eclampsia so had to be induced at 38 weeks xxx
  • Im all against induction for myself but that is under circumstances where there are no risks with my pregnancy or my health which Ive been lucky to have. If I were in your situation though I would be more inclined to go for it. Especially if you are worried about the effects of your meds too. While you may love to experience labour, if things became complicated with your condition and you ended up with an emergency c-sect you may not end up with the experience you desire anyway. At least with an induction it might be more controlled. I hope that doesnt come across negative, it's not meant to in any way as I would normally encourage any girl to go for a natural labour if that's what they want. But you say you are feeling worse so listen to your body.

    There is still time until Sunday so have a think and by then you will know what choice to make. As long as both you and your baby are safe that's what really counts hon. I really hope everything goes well for you xx
  • Just wanted to say thanks for the replies. I've decided I'm just going to go ahead with the induction. I need this baby out!
    Fingers crossed he'll make an appearance before then anyway - going to try a nice (gentle!) walk this morning...
  • hi, as it's because ur health is a concern then i would be inclined to go for the induction, u can always go in just ahve the gels/pessaries, and if they don't kick start things then leave it a week and try again, i was offered that choice with ds but my waters broke before the last gel so there was no turning back then. maybe discuss that with ur consultant/maternity ward to see if its an option, that if no progress at all after ur limit of gels then to stop and try again at a later date, rather than going straight in with popping waters and/or drip. xx
  • Hi I've had two inductions.
    First was horrible and i was a bit scared about getting pregnant again because i didn't want another induction.
    The Second was fantastic, wonderful and i was talking about having another baby whilst in the delivery room! Complete difference. The second time round my body knew what was happening but it just needed the pill to kick it off. I had had my son within 12 hours of having the pill and it was wonderul. I had the pill, got monitiored for a bit, went to tesco for a walk round and my contractions started on the way. Went back to hospital and said i think i may be having contractions they monitiored and it was so it was all go then. I ended up strapped to a bed and monitiored as baby had pooed in me (2 weeks overdue so not unexpected, same as my daughter!) If i had been moving around i think it would possibly been a couple of hours quicker.
    I hope Your indcution goes well (think you've posted saying you're doing it) Good luck image
  • Good luck for sunday, thinking of you xx
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