Painful Boobs..............will it even go!

I am 12 weeks, boobs have be killing me since 6 weeks.................will it ever stop, of shall I get used to it. I have been in tears because they hurt so much. Unfortunately I am a FF cup (in other words Massive), just wondered if anyone had any advice. xx


  • Hiya - from memory it lasts til around the 2nd trimester - it definitely goes but I've had a few painful days towards the end too (am almost 37 weeks now) - I think it's just where they are adapting for milking at a later date image

  • Hi girls, I'm now 28wks and my tender & very painful boobs eased off from about week 15 onwards so not too much longer! xx
  • im wonderin the same as you lou im a ee cup and its a nightmare every time i catch them slightly it hurts like mad i just wanna cry!
  • I'm a 38G, but they have grown since I got preggers I dread to think how big they are now!!!

    Mine absolutely killed me, I hated taking my bra off but did find gently rubbing them helped (hubby cracked up when I did this) I'm now 16 weeks and find they just ache a bit when I take my bra off but, not like it used to be...

    Be warned though with this being my 2ud baby all I can say is be prepared for when your milk comes in, my boobs swelled right up and were very hot and painful but that only lasted a few flannels really helped...

  • my (.)(.) hurt from about 4weeks right up to 2+ weeks after having first baby,this time they hurt from about 5weeks and they are still hurting now at 20weeks, hoping they will stop hurting soon lol.

  • All my symptoms started going by about 11 weeks. I was quite lucky though as my boobs weren't that sore, just the nipples. Hope it goes soon, I guess the only advice is to wear a comfortable bra x x x
  • Hi,
    As a larger cup size lady myself, I know what you are going through. I am currently wearing 36 H, although I had been wearing 32 J pre-pregnancy! It does get easier. Try wearing a soft bra at night, and I'd suggest avoiding underwired (despite what the shop assistants say...)

    Hope this helps,
  • I was only an A cup and mine started hurting even before i tested. I slept in a non wired sports bra which helped it eased off abou 14/15 weeks. xx
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