where do i find out how to get a private scan sheffield ??

hi i am so worried all the time ( this is my first) because i have no symptoms that i have even just done another cheap pg test!! ( positive) i dont exactly know how far i am ( think 8-10 weeks) i think more 8. but i really don't want to wait until i am 14 weeks gone b4 having a scan i would rather pay for one! can anyone tell me how much they r and do all hospitals do them?? thanks jane xx


  • is ok i have just booked one!! on wed so not long to wait!! i have paid ??100 for it i just cant be waiting another month for my scan!! i haven't even got scan date through yet!!! i will still have my nhs scan at 14 weeks but i just need to see the baby b4 that to put my mind at rest!! xx
  • yeh i know but as long as i see something i'm not bothered!! my doc said i'll have scan at 12-14 weeks going on me being 10 weeks 2day ( may only be 8 ) but i haven't got my scan date through yet, i know a lot have got them through 2 weeks before they have it.
  • oh no i really want one of them, i wont see midwife til 4th feb thats my first appointment. my doc sent off for the scan for me, said i will get the date through in the post. do u think they will give me a nuchal if i ask? or will i have to go private for that? xx
  • oh i won't be having the scan b4 midwife i see midwife on 4th feb wil be 11 weeks should get scan through and have that between 12-14. the only scan i will be having b4 is the one i booked private just a early dating scan cos i just wanna know everythings fine. i guess i will prob get the scan through when i am 13 weeks i can always get midwife to check if i dont get a letter soon!! my doc told me to book midwife when i was 10 weeks as thats when they take bloods and stuff xx
  • Wow,
    ??100 is alot of muny to lash out just coz the NHS arent pulling their finger out. I wudnt worry bout preg symtoms tho coz with my first pregnancy i had no symptoms wat so eva and only felt pregnant once my bump started appearing. Sure everything will be ok, its just a shame u have had to spend that much because if u are only 8wks chances are you will only see what i decribe as a "blob". Gud luck let us know how you get on. Kerry xxx

  • Hey ladies i had my first scan at 13+2 (changed docs so had to wait) Also scan was before i saw the midwife this again was because of the change in doctors altho i did have to pick up my pg pack before i went to the scan!!
    princessjane i wouldnt worry about symptoms iv had none apart from im now getting so tired and a have a large bump!!!
    28 weeks
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