im kinda addicted to angel cake lol

hiya i dont know why but i just wanna eat and eat it lol, anyone addicted to anything lol! xx




  • I love angel cake! I'm jst generally addicted to food, especially sweet stuff, ice lollies and strawberries yum! Think am gonna have to go and get angel cake tomorro tho!
  • lol me 2 im such a pig lol i love the pink bit but there all the same!! xxxx
  • Ooh I love angel cake, haven't had any for aaaages. I also love that walnut cake, and ginger cake yum.

    Talking of angel things tho I really fancy angel delight! OMG I've always loved it. Especially raspberry or butterscotch flavour. Am getting some tomorrow now lol xxx

  • Cream buns for me at the mo, can't get enough! No wonder I'm such a fatty fatty bum bum! Was also loving ice cubes for a while- a lot less calories! xxx
  • omg i ate loads of angel delight the other day, loved it but felt like sooo sick afterwards!!! x


  • Hey Girls

    I think im totally craving tinned tuna at the mo but i know your not meant to eat too much oily fish...should really check this out again. I love it with mayonnaise ohhh i could eat some right now!!lolimage
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