what does Ceph mean in relation to babies position?

Hi girls, was just having a look through my mat notes and last time i was at the mw at 28 weeks it says under babies position - ceph, what does this mean???

Since this is my second baby i don't see the mw again until 34 weeks (next week). Really hoping this is a good thing since my son was breech until 37 weeks and then went back to back resulting in an emergency c-section.

Thanks :\)


  • It means that your babys position is head down.
  • hi, think it means baby head down, not sure if they also put, anterior / posterior to say if its back to back or the right way round (anterior means back to back i think lol sorry not much help. sara 35+1 xx
  • I think it stands for cephalic which means your baby's head is down and ready to engage. Your mw might write something else alongside like L or R meaning baby is laying on the left or right and if she's written N E it means baby's head is not engaged. Once your baby's head is engaged your mw will write ceph 4/5, etc which tells you how much baby's head is engaged.

    Hope this helps.


  • I meant to add that posterior is when the baby is lying back to back so the best position the baby should be lying in for labour is anterior, this is when the back of the baby's head is turned slightly towards the front of your tummy.
  • thanks girls,

    yeah my son was posterior and i had a back labour which was contractions in my spine - not nice. It just says ceph but i feel different this time and i can feel her back with no kicks to the front so i think she is anterior and def lying down my left side cos it sticks out a mile :lol:

    I think she may have engaged also as i need to pee all the time the last few days and her movements are restricted.

  • i noticed this in my notes today aswel and was wondering what it ment, glad i was not the only one. I don't have any numbers beside it so don't know how ingaged bump is.
    Take care love fi and bump 42 days to go!
  • It is cephalic which means head down. My son was posterior too which, although I never felt contractions in my back, resulted in an em. cs (he was 9lb too which didnt help!). A good way of telling whether your baby is posterior or anterior is your belly button - if it sticks right out then baby is prob anterior. If it dips in slightly, it is more likely posterior xx
  • hi can anyone help  mine just says ?ceph on my notes like whats that mean dose anyone know like

  • It means they think its head down (cephalic) but are not certain - this is not a problem till 34-36 weeks as babies can still turn.  Second and subsequent babies often don't "engage" where 3/5 of the head can be felt until labour begins.  Hope this helps x

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