Anyone bleached their hair whilst pregnant?

I was wondering if anyone had bleached ther hair whilst pregnant.
I have been a fake blonde for many years now, but have not dyed my hair since becoming pregnant, for many reasons
1.. I have suffered such bad sickness up until 22 weeks
2. I have had a painful pregnancy due to spd and adeshions caused from previous surgery and find alot of normal movement a chore let along bending over a sink just for vanity.
Im now approaching 34 weeks and vanity has kicked in as I would like to look half decent when my little one is born for the photos which will be taken.
I know its not the end of the world not dyeing my hair but Im about 30% grey.
Has anyone else dyed there hair at this stage and if so what was the result?
Thanks Rx

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  • Hi hun...I bleach my hair and did it myself this month as was a bit skint thanks to my maternity pay being messed up!!

    It came out fine and even had a shine to it (which dosn't happen that often being blonde).

    I would recommend doing the 24 hour strip test first, that way you can see exactly how your hair reacts.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hiya i'm a hairstylist and you should absolutely fine to do your hair, if you put bleach directly onto the scalp just do a skin test 24 hours before as you may be more sensitive whilst pregnant if you don't want to risk it just have highlights as they don't touch the scalp and so no risk of a reaction and will at least blend in your roots. i'm having my hair done all the way through, there's no proof that it causes any harm at all other than possiby slightly more sensitive skin so i'm sure you'll be fine, we have to look good for the birth after all! x x

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