pregnant again with a 13 week old baby!!

Really not sure what to do, having one is hard enough!! help!!:\?


  • I have no advice for you I'm sorry! Just wanted to say that if you decide to go ahead with the pregnancy then your lo's will grow up really close cos of the small age gap (there are 11 months between my brothers).
    My lo is 12 weeks and my periods haven't returned yet and if I found out I was pg again I honestly don't know what I would do - I want to enjoy every minute with Poppy and not sure I could cope with morning sickness and a newborn!
    Good luck whatever you decide
  • Eeek! That's quick! I know it won't be easy but just think your LO's will be so close when they are bigger because they are a similar age.

    Big Hugs!
  • Hi, Im pregnant and my son will 13 months old when the new baby arrives. I understand that its going to be hard at some times but like nicospoon said im hoping they will be close when they grow up as the age gap will be so small.

    Also my boss has a 12 month age gap between her two and now at the age of 32 and 33 they are ever so close and i have been told they have been that way since they were little. So im hoping my two will be the same.

    Big hugs!!
  • There is 20 months between my boys which i know is longer than yours would be and I'm sure it must have been stressful at times but I honestly don't remember it being that bad. My eldest was too young to really know what what was going on and there was never any jealousy. They are so close now I am it is so great listening to them and have more in common because of the smaller age gap which has also helped at school. The youngest has just started and loves being there with his big brother. He is also learning really quickly which I think is helped by having a close age sibling. Having a 3rd, now 8 months old has also been easy as the boys play so well together and are also old enough to help look after their baby sister.
    Hope everything works out for you xx
  • I'm sure it has come as a big shock but you will be fine. As some others have said they will probably be closer because of the short age gap.

    Also it will be less of an upheavel for baby one when the new baby arrives- I will have a 3 1/2 year age gapbetween this baby and my youngest and a six year age gap for the oldest and I feel they understand too much and feel a bit pushed to one side. If they are younger they understand less and will adapt more easily.

  • You are not alone i have a 13week son and i am 9 weeks pregnant, it wasnt planned as i have a 5 yr old daughter so we didnt want anymore but it is obviously meant to be as the condom ripped so i went for the morning after pill. So i now how you are feeling, i have come to terms with it even getting a little excited but still have sudden panic attacks of how im going to cope. good luck with what whatever you decide.
    vikki xx
  • think of it like having twins just with a few months difference they will be close and share so much more than with a larger age gap.
  • Theres 11 months between my OH and his brother and they are so close now, at almost 30!

    I agree with Crochetmom that you should think of it as having twins but with a bit of a gap!

    Try not to get too scared, think of all the things you've acomplished since having you LO, im sure that was scary before you had him/her!

  • Thank You everyone for your help, just found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant! Which means I was peegnant when my baby boy was 4 weeks old! It's just such a shock...
  • omg and i was worried about ttc when my lo would be 9 months old! i think you very brave and im sure everything will turn out fine and your lo's will grow up so close but it will be hard work, however you wont have time to get used to no sleepless nights which is a big shock to the system when you used to sleeping! good luck hun xxx
  • hi i got 2 boys close together it was hard at first but would of never change it they act like twins and they look alike they play together so well they are 5 and 6 just a year apart. But this time i have left 5 year and expeting girl they are so exsited . you will ok take all help you can get good look
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