sorry tmi

Hi ladies,
im 29+2 and have lots of creamy white discharge(no itching or any thing)
Around the discharge i seem to have a wet patch that is some times there but not others
sorry about this but just neede to ask.
is it normal?
emma xxxxxxxxxx


  • hiya discharge is very common when preg and some ladies find it increases quite a lot as they get further along, but if you are worried go to mw or gp, i had similar and they picked up thrush in a urine sample and i had no other symptoms, but again that is common when preg too, dont worry though xx

  • hiya, i have been the same recently, have had loads of discharge, tmi but sometimes i feel really wet and have to go to the loo and check myself. i have started wearing a little panty liner now but am suprised by how much there is. sounds daft but sometimes i`ve wondered if its my waters leaking! but i have read that it is common to have a lot more and it isnt a steady trickle so not too worried.

    Am glad its not just me anyway!

    Nina 29+5 xx
  • hi nina,
    glad were all in the same boat im not having a constant trickle so guess its just one of those things.
    what date are u due?#
    think were about the same time im due 29th april but was a week early with my first so they said i may be early again it would be nice emily will have her baby sister at her 3rd birthday(28th april)
    emma 29+2 xxxxxxxxx
  • hey emilymummy i have EXACTLY the same as you. although i spent last night in hospital with contractions and back pain and they did a urine sample and said i had thrush and a bit of a water infection and have given me antibiotics and said the contractions were brought on by the infection. if you're worried, speak to you MW or GP, its really common and they'll get it treated for you.
    hope that helps

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