What is this pain?

Hello ladies, hope you and your bumps are well.
Am just wondering, last night about 7pm and again this morning at 6am (woke me up) i had a really strong pain around my lower back and pelvis, it was like a dull ache but really painful, it lasted a few mins, then I had another one then it stopped. This has not happened to me before, and made me feel a bit sick and light headed, I could feel the baby moving this morning when this pain woke me up and have felt her/him move since, but could this pain be braxton hicks or is it too soon for that? Im 24 + 3.
We moved house this weekend and I have over done it a bit, with cleaning etc.
Any advice would be great.
I am prob going to take tommorrow off work and just take it easy to help me recharge.
Thanks xx


  • Hi it's not too soon for it to be braxton hicks but it doesn't sound like thats what it is to me. Braxton hicks aren't painful just a tad uncomfortable and make your stomach go hard.
    I don't know much about spd but I'm guessing it might be that. See what the other ladies say but if it carries on you should talk to your mw.

  • I could be braxton hicks but if you are worried ring your mw!! hicks shouldn't be painful but you may have over done it a bit! resting is a good idea!xx hope you feel better soon!xx
    carly 33+5
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