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things other than toast for breakfast?

hi, im bored of toast for breakfast and want to have new things now lol i dont get morning sickness no more,but not brave enough to test the water with banana or fresh orange juice ever again!!! what does everyone have on here? i just bought breakfast bars with nuts that are tasty but little too dry!!!


  • how about trying plain yoghurt, or musili, thats like breakfast bar but wet, if you add moo juice.
    i guess you may not be up for a fry up just yet?!
  • I was going to say porrige too... that really fills me up, i ate it last pregnancy too as I always felt hungry no matter how much I ate! what about a banana for breakfast??
  • warmed up weetabix did it for me after i got over the sickness of my last baby. Apparently now you can add all sorts to it- so the adverts say!
  • all sounds good,cheers girls,if they worked for you ill have a little faith in trying something different!! lol i think i should be ok now,as i think its completely passed(sickness) but y know,dont want to upset things lol,cheers,carli,tk care xx
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