lossing things... lol mainly my mind! haha

Hiya Sugars!

My brain is soooo empty at the min I cant seem to remember anything... I keep putting things in 'safe' places and can't remember when that is!!

I've 'misplaced' my camara and a shawl my mum bought me for leaving the hospital and for the life of me I just can't rembmer what ive done with them.. I'm tempted to do a funny little dance after ive put something in a safe place just to remind me of where the safe places... funniest thing is i'm sure they would be perfectly fine in plan sight so not understanding the feeling or the need to hide things like a little squirel lol whats that about?



  • yup me to, wedding ring completely vanished was a jibbering wreck until jewler rang n said it was back from menders lolxxxx
  • Lollyhatch lol!

    I keep forgetting where I've put things and forgetting to go to meetings. I have one tomorrow night after work and I must go as I'm meant to be saying something!

  • I've got a really bad memory at the moment and i keep doing stupid things. The other day i lost my mobile wehn i asked my friend to ring it, i realise i had put it in the fridge!! whats all that about.
    Oh and my oh bought me a new car yesterday, then today i was putting it on the drive, forgot to take it out of gear and cracked the bumper on the garage wall (luckily he saw the funny side lol)
  • lol I forget mid sentence it's like a real test for OH's listening skills cause i'm like what was I saying! haha

    I still cant find this bloody camara and shawl... convinced the fairies must of taken them lol x
  • I found my camara! lol I nearly danced about the place! lol x
  • Same here! Found my car keys in the fridge and thought I'd brought my mobile out with me only to find out it was the TV remote!!! My friends are cracking up they think its so funny!!
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