Had my 4D scan!!!!

Hiya - well what can I say.... it was the single most fantastic experience I have ever ever had.

Was only in there with the jelly on my tum for two minutes before the 2d scan turned into 4d...... and there my baby was. I am not joking when I say that as soon as we saw the image, the baby turned, faced the camera and smiled!!!!

We then were treated to the best 40 minutes ever. We even saw it's feet and legs, which looked liked they were walking.

The baby was chewing, smiling, sleeping, and grabbing at the cord, all while we were watching! It was fantastic.

Sorry if I sound gushy....... it's because I am!!!

The other great thing, is that they were able to confirm that my placenta has moved ( no c- section then! ) which is great and saves me worryng about that, and also, I have been measuring four weeks ahead at every midwife appointment, so they thought it was a big baby - but they confirmed yesterday that the little one is normal and weighs 2lb 12 oz, and I am just so big because I have lots of fluid ( which meant the scan was so much clearer )

So not only did I see my little one, but they also put my mind at rest as well.

Another thing I wasn't really expecting - was how I would feel about the baby afterwards. Now I have seen it I actually feel like it's real!!! I feel a lot closer and more protectve - can't believe it! I AM GONNA BE A MUMMY!!!

Best ??195 I have ever ever spent!!!! If you are undecided, then go!!!!!

Sam xxx ( aka mummy!!):lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


  • Aww how sweet! It must be such an amazing experience! Will def have to have one now!

    Congratulations hun xx


  • Congrats Sam, that is a very clear scan. You gush all you want it'll last for a long while yet and you never forget the feeling of seeing your LO there in motion. I take it you are having the suprise of the sex at the birth?

    Em x
  • Congratulations Sam. I agree it's the most amazing experience ever! The baby is gorgeous

  • Hi Sam,it sounds fab.How far do you have to be?is there a bracket you have to be inbetween?I really want one done but am almost 33 wks,am i too far gone now?? xx
  • Hiya

    I am now 29 weeks Tallkatie2 ( was 28+4 when I had it done ). defo get one done if you can powederpuff, best experience ever!! Keeping the sex as a surprise!!

    Hi Hollyysmum + bump - think best is between 28 & 32 weeks, but you can have after that - just give your local one a call and see what they say.

    I have just shown my dad... who is visitin for the weekend, and he was so emotional.......... I am sooooooo lucky....

    ... and I agree, my baby does look cute!!

    Sam xx
  • ooh i want 1 done now!gonna get looking,who did u guys use?dnt know where the nearest 1 2 me is im in stoke on trent staffordshire x
  • Hi Hollys mun + bump

    I had it done at the local private hospital. It was a babybond one. All I did to find it was to put in 4D baby scan enfield....

    Good luck in finding one!!!

    Sam xxx
  • oh wow, that is so amazing. lo looks so cute. congrats. let us know how you get on xxx
  • Hi everyone I'm a newbie on to this site is so good!

    I'm 16 weeks and 6days now and so excited my hubby is away at the mo so i want to get a 4d done when he is home in June I will be about 27 weeks then. I live in Germany and is about ??50 here to get one done so really cheap and your pic mummyclyders looks so amazing im def gonna go for this xx
  • Oooh - how sweet! It's very tempting ... such a great pic!
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